Quote:To Forge a New Dawn

From stagnation, turmoil; to stability, tumult. 

When a scribe glimpses the rot beneath a nation's glory, he cannot stay silent in the face of corruption. From the humble halls of the Archives, one spark ignites the flame that will consume the world. 

As one mere scribe unites an army to topple an empire, he gains followers whose loyalty and ambition will outlast even his own. This is a tale not only of ascension, but of those who flourish in the wake of a revolutionary. Five paths intersect under the scribe’s vision of a new order, driving the ebb and flow of power throughout the land.

Or, in plainer terms, a story in nine acts:
  1. A scribe discovers the lies underpinning his society and decides to reveal them.
  2. A hermit with mysterious alchemical skill joins the scribe in his quest to fix the world.
  3. A businessman seizes the opportunity to gain fame and authority as a revolutionary.
  4. A young swordsman seeks the mystical power of the ancient sages.
  5. The most accomplished general in the land meets his match on one fateful battlefield.
  6. Competing interests plague the fragile court of a united nation.
  7. Factions struggle for control over a nation fractured by treachery and ambition.
  8. Kingdoms collide.
  9. As it once was, so it becomes again... 
This story originally concluded 5 months ago. Since then, major rewrites and other revisions have been done to most chapters. The posted story has been fully updated with these revisions as of today.

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Loose spinoff/sequel also in-progress (22k words as of this post):
Quote:A Fish's Tale

An elderly fisherman in an idyllic coastal village, Snapper is content to live out his days between the sea and the sky.

When a sudden migraine turns the ocean to steam around Snapper's boat, he uncovers hints of a past he cannot remember, as well as a future he is doomed to repeat.

As the days pass, one question haunts him: How many times has he been Snapper the fisherman?

One fish in a sea of Casters; one Sage with the memory of ages—their powers are intertwined, and so too their destiny.