Meaning, I'm looking for a story where a morally pretty trashy person gets reincarnated as a trash mob. It doesn't have to be reincarnation. Could also be a trash mob being more intelligent than usual and following its 'meaner' instincts all the way through. 
I'm not looking for something that gets apologetic down the line like Re:Monster did. It should be apparent that the MC isn't a nice person. Doesn't mean they have to be completely without any morals. And, if possible, something where they don't evolve into an unstoppable killing machine down the line. ^^
I'd just like to read something where the trash mob in question acts like... well, whatever they are... goblin, kobold, orc, imp, bandit, idc... and not simply a human in a new skin. 
So... not like 'Orc Lord', where the MC tries to get all chummy with humans just because she used to be one.

Well, that would be the ideal. I'll also take more general recommendations for trash-mob-mc stories, though. ;)

Happy New Year!