Re: Dark Fantasy suggestions, please?

Looking for inspiration and something new to read, preferably something written by a user on this site.

As the title says, I want a story that's serious and gritty that takes place in a fantastical world, but not something so melodramatic to the point of being overly edgy and cringe-inducing.

Think Bloodborne and Attack on Titan in terms of depth of worldbuilding and characterization. That's what I need.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Dark Fantasy suggestions, please?

My book combines Norse mythology with LitRPG. Link is in my signature below.

The Valkyrie System

Lilith dies after giving birth and reincarnates as a Valkyrie. Thanks to a glitch in the System, her memories of Earth remain intact. Now she must make sense of her new world and her newfound powers as a death maiden. She has no intention of staying in Asgard, but for there to be any hope of going home, she must first survive Ragnarok, the apocalypse of the gods.

Meanwhile on Earth, a mysterious portal is discovered...

Re: Dark Fantasy suggestions, please?

I think you've got a decent description of my novel here.

Children of Nemeah is a Fantasy Fiction that focuses on medieval swordplay as much as mutations that conclude in abilities which are fantastic but all still logical and I put a lot of effort into keeping everything explainable - there is nothing happening just because "magic". Same as in attack of titans, the world building is a bit dark and nebulous at the start, but secrets will be revealed (although it will get even darker later on).

If you are for action, amazing abilities and want characters that feel alive in that dark environment, I believe I can provide!

Children of Nemeah | Royal Road


Re: Dark Fantasy suggestions, please?

My story is not an action like Attack on Titan but has darker drama. It's also low fantasy but if you do like a broody character who isn't trying to be cool (I hate edgy) you can try it. 

My first part is basically character building; the depressed MC being bullied and pushed to a limit. But the second part would be more grimdark, the journey of the supernatural beings and how they came about, how they born their saviour to the world.

I myself want to rewatch Claymore for inspiration, reread The Prophecy of Lucifer and even some Inu Yasha.