Re: Need help with my plot

So I’m working on my road map for my story and I need help with the section I’m on.

The characters are entering hell to look for an artifact. One of the characters has ties to a devil there that he thinks is all powerful. Should I make this devil weak and have the party help him gain power and influence so they can make their way to Demon that has the artifact or should I just make him mundane and have the party get his help briefly and they cut their way through hell?

Also any insights into how the nine hells work in D&D normally would also help.

Re: Need help with my plot

Rather than making him purely weak or purely mundane, characters should generally have a strength which is offset by a weakness, entanglement, or blind spot.  Maybe the demon brings help but also a new problem, or could be helpful except that he has a problem of his own with other demons or a problem with encountering mortals in person.

Re: Need help with my plot

I would say it depends on the importance you want to give this particular devil in your story. If you want it to appear again, you can consider making him powerful enough to help the party. Maybe that devil's assistance could come at a cost. (him/her overly using his/her power and becoming weaker thus threatening his position in hell for example).

If the devil will not appear again in your story. It could be some kind of guide, helping the party navigating through hell to reach their destination. Helping them avoid dangerous spot and/or interacting with other devils.

But whichever way you go with this particular devil, I'm sure you will find a great way to make it work in your story.