Re: Why do most novel covers suck?


splattenburgers Wrote: What do you guys think of the idea of using a modeling tool to make a 3D render of a scene, and using that (albeit with some edits/modifications) as the cover?

Could be nice... but not on RR. This site, much like Amazon, uses very small images. Even on a larger computer screen most finer details will be utterly lost to the reader. It's one of those things that really annoys me, because I love those super-complex covers we used to see a lot of in Fantasy. 
OrionTello Wrote: An MTG artist gets paid $1,200-1,300 per card.  Scaling appropriately, a book cover should cost $4,800-$5,200.  Give it a range, say $4-6,000.

I... don't think the scaling argument actually makes sense? If you look at MTG artists on places like Art Station, their art is generally huge. It's scaled down to fit into the card. The scale an artist draws at generally has little relevance to the price of the artwork since... this is 2021 and you can usually scale things with a few clicks. 
O_Weaver Wrote: The biggest reason most book covers on Royal Road specifically suck is due to font. Yes, just font. In fact, if you can't use font effectively in your book cover, don't include it, especially if you're publishing on purely digital platforms like Royal Road where the thumbnail only needs to attract the reader's attention, not inform.

Yeah, good point. A lot of cover artists will do the art, and stop there. The author either needs to hire someone else to do the title-card/name, or do it themselves. I've seen too many beautiful pieces of art covered in a standard font with no skill... hell, I've done that myself.
Lime_Lover Wrote: Wait, I just reread this. What? Are you joking? Holy shit. Artists must be pretty damn rich, then. I wish I could do that. Then again, even if it is around $1.5k, that's still a shit ton of money, isn't it? I know nothing about art, but...

$1.5K is on the higher end for most indie work. That piece of artwork might very well take a week or two to produce. It's still an alright amount per hour, but it's not as wonderful as it first seems. 

Annnd I just saw the post below breaking down the taxes and living expenses...

Basically, for artists doing it as a hobby/side job, it's not too bad. But for professional artists? They need to be able to eat too. 

Re: Why do most novel covers suck?


splattenburgers Wrote: What gives? Do people just not understand the importance of an interesting cover?

As someone with a bad cover:

Design ain't cheap or easy. I can't draw to save my live cuz I've got a bad tremor and an alarming lack of talent.

I tried to do interesting minimalist or typography covers, but that's not easy either. Artists are legitimately under appreciated.

Art of a character can go up to 200 dollars. Cover? Depending on the artist, hundreds more. I don't have a lot of money to toss around, especially on a story I'm still working on.