Re: Recommendations for fantasy/sci-fi?

I'll toss my story into the ring.

2 books in with a third currently being written.

After Megiddo

Post Armageddon universe with magic and science, angels and demons, ascended humans and Anforms, entropy replaced by ectropy, and the last normal human in existence exploring this strange new universe. It's dark, violent, with several lead characters.

Re: Recommendations for fantasy/sci-fi?


Chosen of the Veiled God

Death March Mercenary Company, a bunch of misfits, outcasts and psychopaths.

The smallest and most ruthless group to call the Free Cities their home. If one really wants the job done in the most brutally efficient way, they are the people to hire. Few make the mistake to not pay them and fewer do not honour their contracts with them.

Theirs is a world of assassination, murder and theft, governed only by their own mad code of conduct… and the will of the last god to walk the mortal realm.

The Veiled God has found its new toys, its new chosen ones.

NB! This is an edited and rewritten version of the original story 'Chosen of the Veiled God: Death March' which I posted here on Royal Road back in 2018.

Re: Recommendations for fantasy/sci-fi?

May I take a slight risk and recommend my own work?

It should be in my signature and clicking on the cover should take you to it.

For the most part I think it fits your requirements pretty well. Although the sci-fi aspect is not the main focus of the story, there are still lot’s of hard sci-fi elements (fairly near-future) which the plot revolves around. No harem at all (tbh there isn’t really much romance at all so far in the story). It is kind of dark and gritty but not as hardcore as some other works (wouldn’t make you question existence but isn’t lighthearted either). About the well written part I can only hope that my story fits that requirement. I always try my best to proofread and correct mistakes but some will still inevitably get through.

If you decide to give my story a try it would really make my day!

P.s. I was going to recommend Mother Of Learning but another user already did so before me. I have not finished the whole thing, but from what I can tell it is great. Very very long though so it definitely takes patience to get through.

Re: Recommendations for fantasy/sci-fi?

A (NOT LitRPG) Dungeon story. Seriously, this is in-universe high fantasy, no forced gamefication. Building a Dungeon means building it from the ground, first by starting to dig, then by actually constructing manually (with magical assistance, but still).

Out on the frontier of a new continent, the wizard Lori and her group of settlers try to build a community for themselves in a land actively hostile to intelligent life. With their wits, their will, and their newly built Dungeon to protect them against the Iridescence, they should be fine. If they can survive the wild animal attacks. And the supply shortages. And other settlements poaching their people. And famine. And bandits... A slice-of-life fantasy story.