Re: Reincarnation Arc has begun on 300 reads!

Tamashī Tensei has taken its first step into the universe where the main characters are reborn as infants! With their memories sealed away, the Amamiya cousins grow up into playful and daring children as they ride a water dragon named Lynn whom they happen to meet in the oceans of an aquaplanet. But to Lynn's dissatisfaction, she's flings them off into their mother's embrace before taking off. Leaving behind a nonplussed party, their mothers and company find something very unsettling about the monochromatic pair which must be kept away from the prying eyes of Elyiere.

Read the latest chapter to find out more!

Now that I've got my spiel out of the way, I'd like to say that I've been looking for the opportunity to write up my first thread and here I am, wanting to let others know that Tamashī Tensei has set sail into the post-metempsychosis universe of Elyiere (of which is the eponymous title of Chapter 7) on the 10th release upon 10 followers!
It's just the beginning and I hope that my web novel will continue to grow into something bigger!