Re: Hey everyone!

Hey guys, just thought I'd give a quick introduction here.

I'm a science PhD student in California and most of the only writing I've done is strictly grant- or manuscript-based stuff. Those in the field will understand what I mean. But in general, its fairly boring and extremely technical writing. 

I've been reading RR stories for a while, but it wasn't until yesterday that I figured I'd give writing some litRPG a shot since its one of my favorite genres. So well here I am. I don't have any actual experience, but I've been enjoying myself. Getting that first follower was a pretty great feeling though!

Feel free to check out the couple of chapters I've put up so far if you're interested in litRPG and progression fantasy!

Happy holidays!

Re: Hey everyone!

Welcome To Royal Road. I'm an engineer so I certainly understand to need to write something other than technical reports. I've had a lot of fun actually writing something for myself and having someone read it is incredible. Glad you're getting to experience that as well. Good to see you put a link to your story in your signature. I've found having a cover also helps draw readers. Here's some free image sites you can use to put together a cover.

Hope your story does well. Good luck.