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While on Earth, the Church secretly battles over the planet's destiny with multiple other factions; Gabriel was just delivering pizzas when he ended up in a battle among creatures that defied logic.

Sure, he thought, who doesn't love pizza? But do angels, demons, and big ass wolves eat pizza as well?

Gabriel was paid for his delivery, but the payment he got wasn't exactly what he hoped for, because for all his efforts, the man was rewarded with a lizard... and a world expecting a little too much from him than he was comfortable with.

Gabe will find himself in a different world, a world from which all Earth's current problems stem and a world to which he has more ties than he was ever told.

Will Gabriel and his lizard survive in a world so hell-bent on getting them to follow its rules, or will they die defying them? Follow their adventures on Alter, where elves, dwarves, orcs, and many more races share their existence with those of Spirits. Whether they like it or not.

The story starts in an alternate version of the Earth, where events unfold differently from our own; soon later, the protagonist finds himself on a different planet.

This is a story about Gabriel's discovery of himself and his origins, his Spirit lizard is not an addendum to Gabriel, but it is quite literally part of him.
The story starts slow, then starts delivering punches after punches.

It will treat important topics, such as social inequalities, religion, belief, slavery, etc. There will be hints and allusion to sexual acts, gore, and overall traumatizing content.

The story and the cover are made by me and no one else. This story is being published on another platform as well.

Chapter lengths 2500 - 4000 words.

Chapters are being released at a pace of twice a day until I burn through my stack. Patreon is ahead by twenty chapters.

There will be no breaks during this year's holidays. Instead, I shall publish an additional chapter for all my readers' pleasure.

Thank you for your patronage, and I hope you like my story.

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