Re: Just found out that introduction was a thing in forums

Hi everyone! I am Rika, and I am new to writing. I published my story just to get feedback from readers as I had no one to assess my work in real life. (They never gave me serious feedback and blew it away as a joke)

I am 17 so I am busy with my college and other stuff but I do try to manage my time properly. Most of the time I end up procrastinating for almost everything, but I get it done at the very last.

I might be narcissistic sometimes, but I usually try to avoid that (Since there is not much to talk about myself). I love imagining a lot of things in my head and am usually in my own world. 

I also play a lot of games, for example, osu!, COD, Minecraft (I don't like FPS games unless they have a good story)

and I read a lot of manga/manhua/manhwa (I have an entire list if someone wants to read) and I consume a lot of anime too.
I read novels that interest me although very few of them do. I don't read many novels but I like to write a lot. (This is quite one of my major problems)