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arashifufu Wrote: Personally I don't like seeing people's signatures that much. It's like being spammed by a thousand colorful ads, "click me click me!! PLEASE click me", in every thread, in every post. There are already subforums for free advertising. If there was an option to disable (other people's) signatures I'd use it. Respect to the authors who have fictions but don't put them in their signatures! I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I think seeing it is quite ugly.


I'm extremely new here but in reading this thread and trying to set up my signature, I noticed a box that you could uncheck if you don't want to see people's signatures.  It's on your settings page. It says Display users' signatures in their posts.  I unchecked it and saved changes and it doesn't show the signatures.  Check it back and there they are.  You could always do that if you don't want to see sigs. 

Thanks for all the signature advice, too, everyone.

Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature


Dadalha Wrote: There's a new button on the signature page

It automates the whole table creation.

Holy moly!  I decided to try this out, and the markup it generates is identical to my suggested template with the exception of not including the little spacer cells in between the book covers.  That's pretty neat and will help out a TON of people that just want to get that much into their sig w/out getting fancy.

Thanks for pointing it out!

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Xian Wrote:
Wing Wrote: Ah, IT IS NOW LIVE! I've asked Kana for it a while back, glad to see it in practice.

I gave you an achievement that we give on rare occasions only~! What you've done so far is fantastic Xian~  
Keep it up   8

Thanks so much Wing-sama! (I was half considering a joke-pester to Kana about getting a 1 rep royalty whenever a user used it haha)

I've been asking Kana to set this up from even before I asked you to make the guide. He doesn't lack more items on his to-do list and there are higher prioritize, but I think that your guide motivated him. 

DrakanGlasses  Don't give Kana more tasks - I'll give you the rep that you want. I think I already gave you a 100 on this thread + the new achievement. Do you still want more?