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No, seriously:
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What all would you count as 'isekai'? How different does the world have to be to count? I mean, some would put stuck in VR under the isekai umbrella, others don't, for example.
But how about a system apocalypse that remodels the world. Or even one that doesn't physically. Does the system inclusion alone not make it 'different'? And is it still isekai if the story begins after the MC found his way back home? 
Oh a last one: Is it 'isekai' if neither the original world nor the destination world are based on our reality? ^^

Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)

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Mortimer Wrote: A parallel Earth? Sure. Earth in the future/past? No. Another planet? Sure. A modified Earth? No.
Interesting... very interesting. 
What about a 'remade' Earth... or a 'rebooted reality'? *wink* *wink* 

I definitely agree with you on the VR-stuff. 
It's just interesting to me how the word 'isekai' as a genre was so readily adopted, but everyone I talk about it with seems to have a slightly different understanding of what it actually entails.