Re: 100 Favorites!

Just got the 100th reader who added my fiction to their Favorites list.
I'm so happy that there are so many people who genuinely like my story.

600 Followers in a month too. I'd never thought something like this possible when I uploaded my first chapter.

Now the Writathon is nearly over and I'm honestly a little bit exhausted. 
Still, finding so many people who like to read what I write was totally worth it.

And even though my fear of not being good enough shifted to not being able to meet expectations now, I'm also very motivated to just continue writing! 

Re: 100 Favorites!


Asviloka Wrote: Any time I've tried to write to expectations, it resulted in worse quality work than just doing my thing without worrying.

Oh, I'm not meaning content-wise. It's mainly about the quality. ^^

But now I'll have time to build up a few buffer chapters again with a slower release schedule. 
I'll just hope the extra days of editing will be enough.

And I'll have time to look at my 'to read' list again and not just add to it. :D
I'm pretty sure there were some of your stories on it too.  peoconfused

Re: 100 Favorites!


Asviloka Wrote: Worrying about quality is a great way to not make anything at all. So squash that too!

I noticed that when I redid the outline for my latest chapter 3 or 4 times because I felt it was too dry and a bit too much like a 'lecture'. I still wasn't quite happy with it when I posted it, but it turned out my readers liked it anyway. 
So... I guess you're right? :D

Thanks for the pep talk! ^^