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Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

For Authors: Post your story promotion as a reply to this thread.
You can get creative, or you can just post the description, image(if available) and your word count. But most importantly your Royal Road fiction link.

Note: This is somewhat of a first-come, first-served basis, as the earlier you reply, the more likely your description will be read first. Which is why this new thread for self-promotions is going to be monthly based(to not overflow it). At the start of the next month, we will have a new thread, and you can promote your story there again.

For Readers: Did you want more lists to find stories from? well... here is another one, give the stories a shot!    


Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

Thief of Time

Claud Primus, a self-declared master thief, has a simple goal. To live forever. It's a rather easy task, for miraculous objects called lifestones are able to extend one's lifespan. These lifestones are best found in the treasuries of nobles, lovely resorts that Claud pays a visit to every so often. Unfortunately, one of those nightly visits go awry, and Claud is forced to escape with just a single lifestone and a box in hand.
Normally, that's when things die down. The guards yawn, the gates close, and the night continues.
But this time, the night isn't that forgiving. A dozen schemes result in the murder of someone important, and with a convenient scapegoat — Claud — at hand, it doesn't take long for him to be framed as a heinous criminal, wanted for the indirect murder of someone high up...and it just gets worse from there.

Why would you read this?

- If you want a fresh take on the Litrpg genre
- If you want characters that aren't bland
- If you want works with great grammar
- If you want to read something that updates every 2/3 days

Legend of the Lost Star

Synopsis for Book 8 (You can view the other synopses by following the link above):
Fate. A curious word to most...and a frightening word to Gaius. Alongside the rulers of the North, Gaius witnesses frightening truths, proof of an inevitable future. Spurred by a myriad chilling revelations and urged by a god's killer, the Mortal Light Dynasty gathers both mortal rulers and divine sovereigns, covering past conflicts with a offer of cooperation of an unprecedented scale.

However, can this unity, first of its kind, stand up to time, fate and mortal nature? Or will it burn, along with the Five Lands?

Why would you read this?

- If you want to read a very long work. Currently, it has over 500k words on RR, with 7 completed volumes and a eighth currently releasing.
- If you want a fresh take on the Isekai genre
- A realistic take on what people from Earth bring to the table in a new world
- If you like vast worldbuilding

Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

An 'Ordinary' Adventure.

Genres - Action, Adventure, fantasy and comedy

- contains Gore and Profanity.

A series of unfortunate events lead to the self-proclaimed ordinary guy, Knight Yuudai, to be imprisoned in another world. He, and a young girl he was imprisoned with, must escape together.
They will travel across the demon-infested Dragon Lands to reach the exiled races, who were born from the Elder Dragon. Along the way he must fight the parasites that are the demons.
His journey will make him bear witness to the horrors and wonders this world has to offer, while desperately searching for the last bit of familiarity that resides at the floating world tree.

- Light novel format with each chapter consisting of a multitude of 1k-3k parts. Chapters as a whole are around 20k.
- Isekai where the protagonist isn't op for once! Actually far from it...
- Cute lolis for all those who love 'em, but don't worry, it will still include your typical big-chested women.
- A tale that starts off despairingly and evolves along with the mc into a hopeful adventure!
- Fun magic and combat! Flexible power but weak protag
- a few brothels along the way ;) 
- A new world filled with vast lore for the protagonist to discover on his journey! And hopefully, some side stories taking place in the past!
- Oh, I said hopeful... yes and no. Definitely becomes hopeful but as the abyss encroaches on the DragonLand continent, something similar crawls its way into our protagonist.
- If you like Satella encroaching on Subaru's life in Re zero, this will include something similar. Hehe

I really hope you guys will give it a read!

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Welcome to Loktharma, where everybody is a superhero from birth. That makes Eugene De Lavet the most special of them all. At eighteen years old, he still has no clue what his superpower is.

Loktharma has never been a fair world. There are Worldbreakers who were born to brandish the power of the universe, warp time-space, destroy lands and continents. There are Craftmasters who could control the elements and terrorize countries with their might and wits. There are Commoners who could are only gifted with power for the finer arts, architecture, military arts, or small-scale elemental manipulation. Even in an unjust world like Loktharma, there is always one constant: everyone is assigned a Flair since birth; the power to do something extraordinary.

And then there's Eugene. He's been running around in a secluded forest since birth, training and sparring his ass off. While he can wield a blade better than most at his age, he certainly can't throw a giant boulder using the power of his mind, or turn his skin into diamonds. He has no Flair, no purpose for leveling up his stats, and no idea why General Rizeni Baggardo keeps him confined inside a forest for eighteen years. 

At least until Lord Pyro—the Craftmaster of Duneroi—unleashes his fury on the forest, searching for a treasure Eugene doesn't even know exists. On a frantic escape for his life, Eugene starts to realize he was a part of something big, something he's been completely oblivious to until now.

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In an alternate timeline, a military officer and the self-proclaimed ‘last woman on Earth’ embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind a world without women.
Alexei Vronsky is having a hard time coping with reality after his comrade was killed in battle and his army stuck in a prolonged siege, but that’s the least of his problems. He finds an intruder in his room, who claims to be ‘the last woman on Earth’. She doesn’t seem to have the slightest clue about the world, the ongoing war, and keeps referring to Russia as ‘the land above the snow’. As they get to know each other, Alexei Vronsky has to face a difficult choice: either abandon his secret mission to join the woman on an adventure to face the unknown, or turn her in to fulfill his loyalty towards the State.

[Apart from being a war novel, this story is also a progression fantasy. The MC will get stronger, acquire more special abilities and fighting gears. They come later in the story, though.]

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Do you like knights? What about spirits and magic? And sword-fights and political intrigues? Add to that a slow-burning romance and you will have the premise of 

The Beast and The Swallow

In a far-away land of snow and mystery, the fates of two bastards entangle.
He is a warrior and a ruler. She is a physician with a tormented past.

Now both of them will have to learn not only to live together but also to fight against any and all that threaten to ruin their happiness. Amongst chaos, schemes, and war, will they manage to fulfill the most difficult task - finding the way to each other's heart and soul?

The path won’t be easy. A dark cult and even darker magic are resurfacing after years of slumber. And while they wreak havoc in the lands of Norden, the Star-gazer’s voice echoes in the night heralding a dangerous future:

When the Beast falls, the Swallow shall triumph.

For the Sun to shine over Norden, the Swallow must be devoured.


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STAR WARS Edge of the Empire: Life & Death on the Rim is an ongoing, seasonal STAR WARS series that takes you through the galaxy far, far away onboard the Scarlet Estoc, a stolen ship that pilot Killik Faz and his mercenary companions have escaped with off Tatooine after being double-crossed by one of the Hutt Lords. The story is told from the first-person perspective of Killik as he navigates his new life. 

Welcome to STAR WARS Edge of the Empire: Life & Death on the Rim (^Link Above!^)

Also I've released the first three chapters of my novel that's part of a series I'm working on called Tales of Shady Grove! 




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What would you do if your life, memories, and feelings were suddenly tied to another person?
Six people. One life.
A spoiled prince haunted by a ghost. A big city swindler with a knack for illusions. A cold soldier with a sharp eye. A pirate with a few screws loose. A chieftain’s bookish daughter with carefully bandaged hands. A peacekeeping agent with an eye for vengeance.
After simultaneously knocking on death’s door, these six find themselves psychically connected across national lines. Tensions rise between them and between their respective countries, which are recovering from a long war over the mysterious vitae—an energy source harvested and utilized in weapons and engines called conductors. Loyalty, memory, and sense of self blur as conspiracies encroach.
Assassination attempts, underground weapons dealings, border conflicts, tales of terrifying beasts, and a terrorist organization called ELPIS.
—Everything is connected. Nothing is coincidental. The spark has ignited…!

Part 1: The Synchronized Six // Chance Ignition to Crimson Volition [COMPLETE]
Part 2: The Illusionary Six // A Copper Cadence for Solitary Maidens [ONGOING]
Contains found family, magitech, parallel plotlines that converge, conspiracies, morally gray characters, Chekhov's guns, and a lot of character development.

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“If all I must do is wear dresses, wave, and greet the Emperor with a smiling face to prevent an escalating conflict, then I will do so.” Aryselda is a daughter blessed with the Goddess’ holy power, however, she will be forced to put down her sword and enter the political fray of the imperial capital instead. Can she unravel the mysteries regarding the truth of her family and the warring voices in her head and her heart?

The main focus is unraveling a mystery regarding powers given via the Goddess's blessing. ATFD is my first attempt at a full-length novel. This story focuses heavily on women, their inner thoughts, and their relationships with one another. While the primary romance will be between a man and a woman, the story will also feature queer romantic relationships. If those aren't your jam, probably don't check it out. It's being written as a part of the Writathon so daily posts will happen until December 5th, but hoping to keep up with writing and finish posting the story by mid-February 

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Do you like...

Indiana Jones and Uncharted? (Competing teams of treasure hunters vie with both the dangerous terrain and the schemes of their rivals to obtain hidden artifacts.)
RWBY? (A diverse cast of cute girls go on adventures together. They become friends and learn life lessons from each other.)
Dungeons and Dragons? (A party of heroes with their own unique skills and backstories work with one another to win treasure and fight evil.)
Final Fantasy X? (A strange and mystical world full of aquatic imagery.)

Then you're in luck, because I threw all those things in a blender and the result was a story called The Barracuda Street Adventurers' Guild!

(Real cover with professional illustration instead of free stock art forthcoming.)

BSAG follows the story of Kel, a directionless veteran from the losing side of a war, as she tries to find a new purpose in life alongside the failed treasure hunter Niva and the destitute and orphaned young duchess Jazathya. In a cutthroat city of ruthless explorers who venture into the dangerous reaches of the plane of magic to extract treasure, these women (and eventually many more) will form the world's first adventurers' guild, becoming freelance heroes for hire. Together they will face an endless stream of monsters and villains as they carve out a place for themselves in the exotic and magical City of Dreams.

BSAG is structured from the ground up to avoid many of the problems I've seen with stories on this site. All too often, a story will begin in a flurry of creativity only to burn out because the author has no idea where to go with their eye catching new idea, or else they'll keep going and change the genre entirely as they run out of steam on the original story or keep writing indefinitely while the plot stalls out and nothing happens for chapter after chapter. BSAG is different, because rather than a story, it is consciously structured as a setting and a cast of characters who can star in multiple stories. Over the course of several months, it will cover a single adventure with a satisfying beginning, middle, and end. Then that adventure will wrap up and the Bararacuda Street girls will move on to a new one, with only recurring villians and character development carrying forward. It is my commitment that something noteworthy happen in every single chapter and that every adventure (comprising somewhere on the order of 50-100 chapters) tell a full three act story.

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Hey everyone! As a new writer, I need lots of feedback for my fantasy fiction: Children of Nemeah

Children of Nemeah | Royal Road

A mysterious evil is haunting the City of Nemeah. Orderly citizens suddenly evolve to dreadful abominations of different appearances and abilities as they are possessed by the beings known as changelings.
The guardsmen of Nemeah are powerless and have to rely solely on the enforcers of the usually secluded Red Brigade. UItilizing the gift of their goddess Akali, they are the only warriors, able to slay such a superhuman being.

Until one young guard, by the name of Siegfried, manages to slay a changeling. By himself.

Children of Nemeah is a fantasy adventure, focusing on incredible, growing, abilities through magic or forced evolution, dreadful enemies and the character development and interaction of our heroes in this fantastic but unforgiving world.

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Wow... I nearly missed the new month. ^^

55.785 words
updating once or twice a week

My story is a continuous reincarnation story. 
The premise: Our reality is just one of the games that god-like entities play with each other for entertainment purposes.
But since 'Reality' is one of the oldest such games, it became quite stale lately and the players are bored and wander off to play something more interesting.
So the 'Creators' decide to restart their franchise to revive their cash cow.

The protagonist is a mortal soul who gets picked up after the end of the world. As a 'game trophy' by a 'player', to be used in the new iteration of 'Reality' as something akin to 'legacy content'.

It's not a hard litRPG though. That is why it is missing the tag. There won't be any experience points or number crunching. There are 'skills' but they don't level up by putting any kinds of tokens (points/coins/crystals/whatever) in them. They just very roughly represent what an individual is capable of.

Life#1 is about a female prehistoric amphibian. It's mostly Adventure and Survival. But I try to keep it light-hearted and character-focused.

Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

Mankind has settled the distant world of Orr and devolved into a post apocalyptic late medieval era, at war with its native races. The Crown King has been assassinated by native hands after what seemed would be a tenuous peace. Now his son, Crown Prince Hector, must take the High Throne and renew the call to war. As he uncovers more of the truth, bloody secrets are revealed and even darker revelations...

I am inspired by A Game of Thrones, Mark Lawrence's hauntingly dark tone, Joe Abercrombie's gritty combat, and Patrick Rothfuss' beautiful prose; seeking to emulate these elements into my own story.

Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

Another month, another thread. For fun and as a progress reports of sorts, I'll include several stats for my fictions, showing their evolution since the October thread; thank you for reading and helping both break into the top 10,000!

Selena’s Reign: The Golden Gryphon:

Twenty years ago, a common soldier with an indomitable will conquered the continent of Orbe, ushering in a new era as he singlehandedly founded an empire. It did not survive his death. Now his sickly son, the ‘Golden Gryphon’, is a political prisoner. Will he live to carry on his father’s legacy, or will his name forever vanish from the rolls of history?

A historically inspired reincarnation story with low fantasy elements. Updates weekly on Thursdays. Please note that this is a first draft and chapters are posted as I write them.

Chapters: 4 → 10

Views: 200 → 980

Followers: 1 → 9

Comments: 3 → 21

Amie, Android:

Ely Brennan. A rising star in the world of architecture, thirty-five years old, well-to-do… and more than a little technophobic. In the year 2251, circumstances have paired this opinionated exponent of a vanishing world with the android Amie, but is there a happy ending in store for this unlikeliest of couples?

An experimental story “co-written” with GPT-3, a cutting-edge neural network; much of the android’s dialogue is written by an actual artificial intelligence. Can you tell the difference between human writing and that of a machine?

Chapters: 4 → 29

Views:  450 → 2,570

Followers: 2 → 11

Comments: 7 → 47

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looking for something new?

Welcome to Sokaiseva--a story that has both suffering and succotash.

If you like ensemble casts, MCs with real struggles, magic that doesn't necessarily solve any problems, and slice-of-life content, you're in good hands.

Sokaiseva is primarily a drama, but it has its fingers in a lot of subgenres. With the exception of the pending book 2, it's mostly a set of ordered short stories detailing main character Erika Hanover's time working as a mercenary for the Radiant, a group "policing" magical crime.

I'm about 340 pages in now, and there's roughly 100 or so pages left in book 1, so now's a great time to catch up!

Link's in my sig.

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I'm nearing completion of my fantasy mystery, Bloodshard: Stolen Magic. If you're interested, please check it out!

Magic cannot be given away or rejected; it is as permanent as life itself. Not that I'd know anything about that. Magic is both impossible to obtain and illegal for commoners like me.

So when I unexpectedly witnessed a brutal, deadly confrontation between two nobles, I assumed that was the closest to magic I'd ever get. Until I woke up the next morning with the unmistakable glow of power in my blood.

Dropped unprepared into a maze of deception, murder, and boring parties, my only hope is to hide who I am and somehow discover the truth of what happened that bloody night.
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