Re: Favorite Ramen Brand? Current Favorite TV Series/Movie?

If you live in Orlando, there's a couple of places I can recommend for ramen. 
Da Sun Ramen has an absolutely spectacular kitsune udon (and a passable taiyaki) 
There's an anime-themed ramen joint on Orlando called Soupa Saiyan (gee, I wonder what anime they're themed around...) and they've got some really good BYO ramen that's cooked and served up hot and fresh right in front of you. 

I don't buy store-bought stuff, I either make it myself the way I learned when I lived in Japan, or I eat at a restaurant. It's not my favorite food by far, so I have to say I haven't eaten it since ..... 2017? 
A few good noodle dishes: 
bun bi thit nuong with a couple of goi cuon on the side; 
hokkien char mee is fucking great. 
Pho is good. I fuckin' love a good pho. 

and I am an absolute slut for kitsune udon. I fell in love with it when I lived in Japan; I make my own when I can (though it's often hard or expensive) to get the correct ingredients. 

I only very rarely watch TV. There's usually too much else I could be doing- like writing, or reading, or doing literally anything else than watching TV. I think the last TV show I watched was Breaking Bad, but that was literally years after it aired. 

...wait. Why the fuck are you obsessing over ramen when pho is 5,000,000,000 times better? Do you have brain problems?

Re: Favorite Ramen Brand? Current Favorite TV Series/Movie?

I'm... literally Vietnamese American lol. I still enjoy good instant ramen because my mom loves it and she was raised in Japan during the Vietnam war.
I do appreciate you shouting out Vietnamese dishes though! I literally eat homemade pho once a week.

Thanks for all of your replies too! It's interesting to see other people's preferences.

Re: Favorite Ramen Brand? Current Favorite TV Series/Movie?

Noodles-wise, the ones I bought a box of was something called Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup (Amazon link) it's a little on the pricey side though so I didn't buy another box. I instead bought some basic Maruchan chili flavored ramen a few months ago that I bought as lazy-it's-too--hot-to-leave-the-house-because-of-the-summer-heat emergency food and still have about 3 packets left of.

If we're talking Western/North America-TV stuff: I liked Timeless, and Breaking Bad when I bothered to follow it up to the last part of season 5's first half. Besides that, I enjoyed the last season of Samurai Jack as well.

Anime wise: oh boy, do I have a lot that I like. Though it's technically not a TV series my all-time favorite is probably the 1980s' Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Legend of the Galactic Heroes) but I enjoyed its recent novel re-adaptation as well.

There's always a good gem every anime season or so for every 10 dumpster fires, but other ones I particularly liked are Wave, Listen To Me! And Youjo Senki. A few shows this anime season I liked are Majo no Tabitabi and Maoujou de Oyasumi

Movies... to be honest, I don't know.  peoconfused Maybe Chicken Run and Star Wars ep3/5?

Re: Favorite Ramen Brand? Current Favorite TV Series/Movie?

It's not a ramen, but have you ever heard of Indomie? It's a staple of instant noodle in Indonesia. FYI Indonesia is a South East Asia archipelago country with a population of 267 million people. And Indomie as a brand have 72% of all instant noodle market share. It's because Indomie is so damn good! You should try it!

For favorite show, there are so many great shows with different genres, it's hard to choose one. So instead I'll give you a recommendation based on what I've watched recently:

TV show: The Queen's Gambit. Beth Harmon's charm made me want to learn chess. Anya Taylor Joy is such a blessing to the world.

Anime: Carole and Tuesday. Not everyday would you encounter an anime with at least one original music introduced in each episode. And it's not crappy music either, some of it is really good!

K-Drama: Crash Landing on You. A love story between South Korean heiress and a North Korean military officer. 

Movie: Stephen Chow's 1991 comedy - Love on Delivery. One of the best Stephen Chow's comedy I've ever watched.

The good news is you can watch all of this on Netflix!

Re: Favorite Ramen Brand? Current Favorite TV Series/Movie?

I live in Japan where instant ramen flavors are SEVERELY limited in a bizarre twist. I mean the pack kinds, though, not the cup noodle kinds. The pack kinds correspond to the main types of soup ramen: Salt, soy sauce, miso, and tonkotsu (pork bone). Soy sauce is what the American ramen calls "oriental" and the others don't exist in America. I think I'm a fan of all of them on occasion, but my favorite is probably miso because I guess I have become slightly too Nagoyan over time. There's also curry ramen which is great. However, I usually cook fresh noodles in my own soups and stuff, so I don't actually eat instant ramen much anymore (and I hate cup noodles generally).

In America my favorite was chili, the green one. That or the all-time classic chicken.

As for favorite recent TV and movies, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power was an amazing show that I recently finished, and the most recent movie I have given a 4.5 stars or better to is Bound, an excellent movie everyone should watch.