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Ly Wrote: Yosh, got a lot of free time. Although I only came here on the request of a friend to review his story, I noticed this platform has a lot of writers, among which there are quite a lot whose talent isn't brought into light. Soooooooooo anyway, you can just drop a link to your story and I'll give a honest review about it. Kay?

Also a small present for Dragoak, free advertisement for his story. 
(ngl this pretty meh)
(the reason I came online [new released])

Welp fr decide whenever or not you gonna read those yourself.
(Also if you find this, consider it free sponsership or smthing, tho if it makes your story more famous, you owe me tomi)

Hello! I'm a little over a month old on RR, but I have a few short stories posted, though one still isn't "complete" (there are two more installments to be posted before the story is finished). I post short stories, so they're all short reads (: Links are in my signature (plus there's a microfiction collection on my profile that's not linked in my signature). I have a new short story coming soon, as well!

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If you get around to it, that'd be more than appreciated!

Synopsis: The modern world of magic has moved on. Magic of old no longer allowed in the new age. Deemed too barbaric for the contemporary world, magic skills and formulae have taken the country of Idraver by storm and with their arrival, heralding in a new age of magic.
Decades later, a young man named Keldon, born without the ability to use skills, begins to experience strange dreams, and with them came the return of an ancient magic. Given an impossible task, what do his newfound powers mean?
Or is their return merely a signal for the beginning of the final end. 

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Hello, thanks for this and please leave a honest review!

The night she comes back from her best friend's apartment after finding out her boyfriend is married, she meets a huge man sleeping on the snow in her backyard. 23-year old Charlie Jordan doesn't know what to do.

After so many calls and studying, she finds out the man—Blurin Jameson— is an ex-militant whose address got mixed up on deployment day.

It takes Charlie 419 Days to realize how her heart beats faster when ever they're near or when his eyes lights up...

Or how she completes his amount of ribs.

Thank you!