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I just got caught up to Borne of Caution and I'm in dire need of something else like it. It doesn't have to be set in the pokemon universe though, just the main focus is the MC taming/catching monster's.

I would perfer the story to be ongoing and perf a male MC.

I'd pefer if it was on RR but it doesn't have to be, could be else where or even a published work.

Thanks in advance!

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Okay; I don't know of an ongoing one on RR, but I do know a published one that I had a lotta fun reading through.

It's a pretty good series. I think they plan to at least do 3 trilogies in total for it. The first is already over, around ~1000 pages in length. I think there might also be a bundled book where they're all combined together, but that link was from just a quick search. 

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Ankur_93 Wrote:
lord Wrote:
Ankur_93 Wrote: Have you tried The Legend of The Tamer?
It is a monster taming story.

I read the first 2 chapters and wasn't a fan. Not big on the whole cultivation thing it had going on. Does it get better?

It does have a lot more fighting using monsters, if that is what you are asking. But the cultivation aspect remains. 

Hmmm. Maybe ill give it anothet shot. Thanks for the suggestion.

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carebear90 Wrote: Have you tried Pokemon Animus?
Male MC 
tries to make pokemon a little bit more 'realistic'
takes place 20 years into the future of emerald/ruby/sapphire 
very much care put into 'accuracy' (especially where to possibly find which critters) while also creatively adapting powers both in battle and for daily life usage 
recently picked up again after a year or so of hiatus
224 pages

I had not! Looks very promising, thanks!