Re: Review Swap - honest Reviews

Hi all,
Like the title says, I'd like to swap a few reviews. 
The problem is that I don't have too much time to read new stuff while still keeping up with my own writing at the moment.
That, and I'm not exactly looking for a swap of 'head-pats' and 'cheers', but an honest opinion.
So... if you take a look at my story and think that this could be something you'd like to read even if it wasn't just to get a review in return, feel free to drop me a private message or reply here with your own story. 
Then I'll do the same (take a look at your story) and send you a private message if I consider it and we can discuss the extent of our reviews. 

What I definitely won't consider is a story with less than 20.000 words if it isn't completed. I don't think I could get a good enough impression to rate it fairly. 
On the other hand, since I don't have much time to read something new at the moment, I probably won't be able to read the whole available story if it has much more than 50.000 words. So that would likely be the point where I would stop and give my review.

I'm not aware of a genre I wouldn't at least consider reading. 

If this thread gets too swamped, I'll probably have to put off quite a few requests till later on reasons of time alone. 

Link to my story is in my signature.
back to writing my next chapter for a few days ;)
I'll come back to this thread though.
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