Re: Are Text Adventures Fun?

If you haven't seen it, check out the Interactive Fiction Competition -- anyone can sign up and help judge entries. There are a couple days left in this year's competition! Or you can wait till the competition is over and then play the winning games. I've been blown away by how crazy and innovative some of these text games get, and they're still evolving year over year.

Last time I participated, my favorite was Animalia. Here's a blurb:

"After the forest animals sacrifice a Human child to the Forest God, they realize they might have made a mistake. Someone's gonna come looking. To stave off Human investigation, they create a replica child suit and send it to the Human town, hoping that nobody will notice the difference."

The game starts off with choosing which four forest animals will go into the child suit and operate it, and it rockets off to insanity from there.

My all time favorite text game is Galatea by Emily Short, but it's less of an adventure and more of a psychological and philosophical mind bender.