Re: Greetings, respect, and encouragement to all plotters, pantsers, and readers.

Hello and G'day to all from a relatively new Aussie writer on RR (here almost 4 months).

Making the leap to putting something out there has been an occasionally harrowing experience, but I'm so glad to have done it. I recently received my first rating, which was a lovely experience to come online and discover.

At times, posting on RR feels like one of those old cartoons, where the protagonist is standing on the grill of an out-of-control train, frantically laying down tracks to avert disaster. But it's an absolute joy.

To everyone thinking of sharing their writing, but worried everything isn't right yet, I recommend tidying up your first chapter and getting it posted. Once there are real human eyes on your work, it is a great encouragement to buckle down and get the rest of your material in order.

I've been writing, setting out mythology, history and plot outlines for years, but RR is my first experience sharing my work (which I'm also posting to my website, started around the same time).

What I've learned so far:
  • Regular updates attract more readers (I know, common knowledge, but worth repeating). I'm slowly improving on this front, aiming to get up to at least one chapter per week (maybe more).
  • The Pages view (for writers) is extremely useful to gauge readership engagement. There is always a natural lag, however, from first to last chapter. The main thing is to see that readership across all chapters is gradually going up.
  • Do not let low readership at the beginning deter you. It takes time and perseverance to build up interest. Keep going, readers will gradually find you. I have a modest readership so far, but am glad for every reader.
  • Don't split chapters. I did this once, and regret it to this day. It's all cleaned up now, but at the time, created a little confusion.
Forgot story details:

My first story, Kill the Caster, is about a rebellious, ambitious fish-cleaner who investigates the unsolved deaths of her parents, accidentally setting in motion a catastrophic chain of events involving monstrous hordes, enemy empires and more. It is a slow-burn mystery with escalating action as the story progresses: Link: Kill the Caster

Happy writing and reading everybody.