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I'm looking to swap reviews for a book (or maybe two). I'll only agree to the review if I feel I can give your book a good review, so please don't start if we haven't agreed to swap. If you have a book that is so well written it could be traditionally published, I'd love to review it. Any genre is cool, as long as it's a good story.

Here’s the blurb for my military sci-fi litRPG, Charlie Foxtrot Zero:
Would you sacrifice your teammates to win the game?
Born into the leadership caste, impulsive John Easterbrook pissed away his birthright, and it caught up with him. He is exiled into the game and forced to become a soldier in a war against a mechanical horde. Imprisoned in the boot camp tutorial, John dedicates himself to becoming the leader he should have been all along.
The only problem? Reynold Bauer is gunning for team leader, too. John has to find a way to outclass the stronger, vicious psycho before he graduates boot camp. If he doesn't, he'll live out the rest of his life under Bauer's thumb.
If you love Starship Troopers and The Forever War, Charlie Foxtrot Zero will carve out a place in your heart.

Re: Review Swap - looking for well written stories

Hi, how does my story sound? 

Mankind has settled the distant world of Orr and devolved into a post apocalyptic late medieval era, at war with its native races. The Crown King has been assassinated by native hands after what seemed would be a tenuous peace. Now his son, Crown Prince Hector, must take the High Throne and renew the call to war. As he uncovers more of the truth, bloody secrets are revealed and even darker revelations...

I am inspired by A Game of Thrones, Mark Lawrence's hauntingly dark tone, Joe Abercrombie's gritty combat, and Patrick Rothfuss' beautiful prose; seeking to emulate these elements into my own story. 

Re: Review Swap - looking for well written stories

I'm interested and feel the same way. I don't like giving out bad reviews because it can be so demoralizing to the writer. You can find my story, Even a Hero Needs a Vacation Every Now and Then here


Quote:What does a legendary hero do after the world has been saved?

Archibold Stormblood is the greatest hero in all of Visseria. He has spent his 221-year life training and fighting. Now that the Mad King is dead and the Demon Lord is defeated, all he wants is a well-deserved vacation living as a humble tavern keeper and brewmaster in his 19-year-old body.

But despite his best efforts to avoid conflict, trouble keeps finding its way back into his life.

Will Arch be able to hide his true identity as The Stormblood and maintain his peaceful existence running the Tipsy Pelican Tavern with his growing staff of beautiful barmaids? Or will he be sucked into the new troubles brewing around him?

Let me know if you'd like to do a swap. :) 

(Anyone else interested can also PM me. And please be sure to check my story genres to make sure you're interested in reading my story!)

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I feel as if my story is well written, at least all the parts I have gone back to edit one or more times, and while it is still in progress I am working through it fairly fast. Years' worth of notes and inspirations from multiple cultures have led me to start writing these stories and I have a timeline for up to three sagas with the potential for it to go beyond. Each saga being about three or four books. I'd love to do a swap, genre doesn't matter much to me either. All about the story! (And being readable) 

The story is in the signature below if you've got the time. I have one review so far and they seemed to think my grammar was great, hopefully, you will too!

Re: Review Swap - looking for well written stories

I don't know what you consider good, but I'll do a review swap (I'd like to review first, if possible). 

FAIR WARNING: I don't think it's good enough to be published; if it was good enough, it'd be published already. It's not complete, but there's a good bit of it to be read.

Amongst The Sky


First came the stars. Then came the dreams.

Dreams that warn of the coming of celestial beings.

The year is 2108 and humanity faces one of its greatest challenges yet.

A technological war between the sky and the Earth manifests after aliens and cosmic beings seek revenge for a fallen brother, stolen and experimented on by the U.S. government.

Celestial entities from across the galaxy invade Earth, and humanity has to fight for survival and protect those they hold dear, while three teenagers – and three best friends – rise to alleviate the battle before it spins further out of control.

Phoenix Newman, Alex Ramiro, and Andy Caulfield are three victims of a fallen economy, polluted to no end. Together, they derive plans to take down the enemies and save the good. The issue is . . . they don't know which is which.

Amongst The Sky is a book about the value of friendship, the fault in our stars, and the fears of mankind. It is a story about bravery and heroism, love and determination – how easily mankind falls under the heels of pressure.

Alex couldn't believe what happened. The sight of an extraterrestrial event was much, much scarier than she had anticipated. It just wasn't supposed to go down like this. She'd seen so many sci-fi films and read countless amounts of alien stories on the internet and none of them depicted a spiral in the sky, shimmering delicately. From the comfort of her bedroom, she surveyed the anomaly, watched as it cast a blue mist over the city streets, so fantastical and abnormal to the routine of everyday life, which was in itself boring and tiresome, if not completely sickening. She couldn't explain it, but her emotions were clear, and she would later recall them upon discovering her father unconscious on the kitchen floor: fear, dread, and utter confusion.