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Hi all, 

Long time lurker, but new to the writing side of things. I spent most of November working on a story—the plan was to bang out a chapter or two along with the outline. This got a bit out of control and now I have around twenty 2-4K word chapters. So far I’ve looked at a few different options for gaining traction.
  • Publishing one chapter a day. This is what I’m currently doing, but things seem pretty slow so far. Granted there’s only two chapters at the moment.
  • Publishing multiple chapters a day and then switching to one a day. I’ve seen people recommend this but it seems like a risky gambit, not to mention I worry my chapters might be a bit too long for this approach.
  • Stop publishing while my views are still low, take another two weeks to build up my pre-write material even more so I can post more chapters a day more consistently. Not something I’d be thrilled about doing, but would if necessary.
I figure there have been other people in this situation before and just wanted to get some feedback. There are forum posts around the topic of publishing frequency, but not around what to do if you’ve already built up quite a bit of material. 

Thanks for the help!

Re: Question about what to do with pre-written chapters

I'd suggest something like 1 chapter every day for a week, then switch to whatever ongoing schedule you'll be following for the foreseeable future. A lot of people wait for a certain threshold of wordcount or reliable updates before they're willing to commit to a new story, so establishing yourself as able to keep a schedule and that you won't drop it is important.

I don't know about times or days to post, personally I do it randomly in hopes of getting different audiences, but I'm sure there are better ways out there.

Re: Question about what to do with pre-written chapters

Dude, I have discovered what you want to be doing is getting onto Trending.

I'll post about this as I have been researching how to succeed on RoyalRoad prior to posting my stuff here.

Go and read the stickied guides at the top of the RR Forum called 'Guides from the community' (one of them links to a video which is worth watching too).

Here is what they will tell you:

To succeed on RR, stockpile chapters and then post one or two chapters a day for a week, then slow down to 1-3 chapters a week (more if you can manage it e.g. stick with daily).

30 days after you get your 25th star rating (could be 25 1-star reviews or 5 5-star reviews or anything in between), you become eligible for the 'Trending' section of the homepage. 

To get on there you must have a high ratio between your number of stars 30 days ago and your current number of stars (i.e. you are getting lots of ratings).

Hence the posting advice described above.

Another sneaky tactic could be to have another big chapter-releasing push in the run-up to the 30th day since you became eligible for Trending.

Good luck!

Re: Question about what to do with pre-written chapters


Faenon Wrote:
aralbair Wrote: Word of warning, the Trending requirements seem to have changed. If you check Trending right now, there are Writathon novels that haven't even been out for 30 days. Not sure what the current Trending requirements/formula is.

Aw, man! I did all that research! Darn it. Can anyone advise as to how the Trending requirements have changed?

Same. Would love to know.