Re: Cover Art Requests

So, I have been making covers for people here on RR for a while now and I decided that perhaps I can try and move off of being solely based on discord. This thread is meant for cover art requests and discussion of relevant threads. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. (This is also a brag for one of my covers hitting the top 4). A few things first of all.

1. This is NOT free, I will be charging for the covers and the rates are usually from 100-150$ depending on the complexity of the cover.

2. I take a confirmation fee before starting on covers (usually about 20$ to see if PayPal payment is working or not) so if you have requested a cover and I have not reached out to you then it is likely that I am booked and will not be taking covers. Please do not hold out and wait if you have not been confirmed. I will usually reach out to you either on the RR server or via PMs when confirming the covers. 

3. Covers can take up to a month after confirmation before I start on them depending on how much previous work I have.

4. All covers are ordered according to the time of the request, so the earlier requests will get priority barring special exceptions for complex covers. 

Now that that's done, Here are some of the covers I have made so far.
The latest cover and a rush job, the LineArt is by FaeWild  for the Fic Tower of Somnus by CocoP
Cover for the fic Ithalon: The Glass Cannon by Origin, The Creator
Title by MikeWe
A Cover for the VeraAnneWolf for her story Calamity Of A Reborn Witch
Another Cover for CocoP
A cover for Sii for the story They Who Rule

And Compline for Bapper.

These are some of my Covers, if anyone is interested in getting one from me, you can find me on the RR server or via PMs here.