Re: old best rated list?

before 3-5 years ago when the site was still Litrpg only, and half of all stories were fan fictions of the legendary moonlight sculptor,

what litrpg/xianxia good stories were in the best rated here? that were actually good and memorable, and had an intrestins system/powers?

i only found in the past:
change: new world
ages online

Re: old best rated list?


DarkD Wrote: Re:Lovely
Don't Fear the Reaper
Forgotten Conqueror
Reincarnation: First Monster
Swamp Boy
The Bound Dungeon
Arcane Emperor
NPC (by Argos)
Brimstone Fantasy
Master Of All, Jack of None

just from a glance at your comment, almost all of thos i ether read or skipped because i was not interested in them

only Reincarnation: First Monster is new to me,

the stories i am talking about were before even this stories reached the best rated