Re: amazing systems !!!!!

if anyone else like the most the game/cultivation systems in the stories, and is also looking for a good system novel that focus on the system and explorer it, rather then just good story with ok systems, then i have made a list of stories that i recommend that has amazing systems:
(if they are not on royal road, then you  can find in novels update)

world of cultivation
my number 1 of ALL cultivation and Litrpg, nobody is even reaching to its ankles in terms of system and verity it has. the author knows why read it for, and keep pacing most of the book in regard to new abilities and exploration of the system. it is also one of the few books to actually do combos of abilities and do it good. very addicting.

the legendary moonlight sculptor
this site is literately named after the game in it. read it. on the litrpg: its not a sprint run, but a marathon
also, every story form that author has interesting systems

shadow hack
this story has an amazing cultivation + a litrpg system on top of it, and the abilities the author invent are all also amazing

Different World Reincarnation as a Sage
really good! but the fact it start slow on the litrpg and the premise don't sound appealing, almost got me to drop it, but i stick with it and it started to be better and better and it was amazing. it really needed time to build the base before it got good.

commanding the wind and cloud
i am not sure this ha palce on this specific list, but it has interesting cultivation from the little i read

Only Sense Online
a guy in vrmmorpg levels skill that are considerd weak, and find new and interesting ways to make fun in the game and with the systems. relly liked this one.

A Certain Middle-aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log
a clone of Only Sense Online, still good

the arcane emperor
was number one in this site for a long time, there are better systems, but it is a fun read

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu (anime)
absolutely fun anime that also capture the essence of Litrpg better then any other anime. (has novel i have not read)

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
it has very poplar and fun anime, but the anime don't have the key parts of the system, and what make a litrpg addicting. read first and watch later.

similar to the above, but not as good system, but it was one of my first litrpg, so it is here.

a very good and detailed story over all. at the beginning the system was all about numbers an no fun stuff, but as the story progress, it grow on me and it become more qualitative and slightly less quantitative

Azarinth Healer
Very good story, with interesting classes and abilities, but especially in the way the author use them. later on, the combat become amazing.

Phantasmal Party
very nice system and concept revolving around it. the writing is kind of weak but still a nice read. would defiantly recommend if was free, but the author go P2R, and the story not good sufficiently for paying so i dropped it.

terror infinity:
a cross between GANTZ and Litrpg, and every level take place inside a different movie (not only horror movies, as the premise suggest)
has even a few clones on this  site

galactic fist of legend
similar concept to terror infinity, but humorous, and it go inside "games", hard for me to explain just read it , very good writing and interesting powers

starcraft unbound
a strategy story, a good story that dont forget its a litrpg. good writing, good power system that is more than just starcraft

Change: New World
an old but amazing one, do really good job at making you feel every +1 point the MC gets, very good combat

the gam3:
sucks in regards to personal growth systems, but amazing gamification of the world. also very suspenseful. a good read.

use... everything!
404 not found :(, if anyone can find it please let me know, it was a story that was great at bringing tne cool abilities and want you to see more of it.
and if anyone want i will gladly retail the system and why it was

if there is anyone that is also interested in the systems more then the story out there like me, please also share anything good that not in here