Re: Author Bullying


CoCop Wrote:
Yoyu88 Wrote:
Ariana Wrote:
I am really surprised to hear about this issue, especially when I have seen how efficient the mods are in troll-hunting. 

I think they only pay attention to the "Big Game"

One of these days, I'll be big enough game to get special mod dispensation.  Just you wait.

(the mods are trying, they're just understaffed and there's a bazillion support tickets).

You basically want to be shirtaloon. Kay

Re: Author Bullying


Yoyu88 Wrote: I think they only pay attention to the "Big Game"

I am not sure what you mean by Big Game. Is it Big authors, or Big offenders? (no, seriously, I don't get it)

I have witnessed troll-accounts being deleted swiftly and the same fate happening to re-opened accounts of known trolls. And although I have not reported an account yet, any other support ticket I have sent them has been processed in due time. Yes, they don't answer immediately, but they are only human too.