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Hello Everyone! Starvingsloth here.  :DrakanWine:

Since the introduction of the new tags, I've been wondering if there are any centralized list of each tags' description. I searched the FAQs and forum posts, but it seems like there aren't any post like that (yet). I do actually find the description of each tags, and it's located at the author's dashboard when submitting a new fiction. But! we can only read the genre and tags description while hovering over the options. That was really inconvenient! So, I figured why not create a post for all of the tags descriptions?


In this post I provided all of the currently available tags on Royal Road, each linked to their own advanced search page, and with a rough count on each tags fiction count (per November 19th, 2020). I also provided a google sheet for better viewing and sort capability: In the sheet there are also the genre description for MyAnimeList and NovelUpdates for comparison.

I initially wanted to start a discussion on what is a good tag and what is not a good tag, but I think I'll create a separate post to discuss about that. 

Anyway, I hope this list is useful for your experience on Royal Road as it's useful for me! Happy reading!

Spoiler: Content Warnings

Spoiler: Genres

Spoiler: Status

Spoiler: Tags

P.S. working with the forum bb code is a pain, don't recommend at all 3/10.  DrakanAngry
I'll try to update the list as best as I can, if there are any tags added or removed.

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starvingsloth Wrote: working with the forum bb code is a pain

Jawohl da, mein Bester. It is like wrestling with snakes. 

On another note, as I am here, it would be nice if Royal Road had an Bishōjo/Otome tag, wouldn't you agree? 

It seems there are a lot of stories out there where a main goal of the plot is for the guy (or girl) to get the girl (or guy.) 

I know I'm writing one!  😃

Re: Royal Road Tags Description


Tenori Wrote: Never really understood what counts as High Fantasy and what's Low Fantasy. Is everything that's set in a world or universe "not ours" automatically high?

From what I understand, if it involves an alternate fantastical world, it's a High Fantasy. If it's based on the primary world, our Earth, it's Low Fantasy. So yes, everything that's set in a world or universe "not ours" is automatically High Fantasy.

I think the intent of the distinction is to determine the tone of the story, at first. So a High Fantasy would involve more fantastical elements and things that require more suspension of disbelief, while a Low Fantasy would be more toned down and focused on the realism of the fantastical aspect. But nowadays I think High Fantasy is much more popular than Low Fantasy, at least from what I experience on Royal Road.