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Death crawls after Rio, trawling Pacific waters, searching for her beacon. She responds the way she always does.
Run. Hide. Get away.

But she fears starting her life anew on another far-flung shore.

Christ. Isn't this ocean big enough?

Using her mind, she visit a a city that beckons with the safety of a thousand searchlights. Maybe hundreds of thousands.

How can one person be so mighty?

It must be a trick. A scheme cooked up by Death to get her to run further. Still, if true, Death could never blacken so much pure white light. She packs the few things she still owns, having run so many times that her entire life now fits in a single suitcase.

She calls a nearby airport. "Konnichiwa? When is there a flight to the United States?"

"Anywhere. Non-stop."

DOTS - The Age of Enlightenment Has Begun

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Why not?

My story is entering its second part. It’s a D&D style adventure. With Part 1 done and the murder mystery solved, the Jellybeans, a group of traveling heroes consisting of:

A human monk, a wood elf ranger/rogue, a halfling ranger, a half-elf drow, a gnome cleric, and a high elf wizard.

Must now solve the problem of the cursed artifact that landed in their possession. The amulet begs to claim followers and unleash a terrible evil. Will they be able to seal it away? Can they destroy it? Or will it foolishly fall into the hands of a greater evil than its previous owner?

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Ah well, wouldn't hurt.

Saga of the Cosmic Heroes

Character-driven sci-fi space opera set in approximately the 29th century AD (or 3rd century UC) in a setting where humanity is united under an interstellar Federation past its zenith. The story follows a young Victoria Happ-Schwarzenberger through a first-person narrative as she follows in her father's footsteps and enlists in the Metropolitan Space Navy in events that will change her course forever.

The story also follows the cool Madame Scarface, a lieutenant serving under a bona fide pirate republic ruled by her ruthless adoptive father nestled in the outer hinges of Federation authority. Her narrative similarly follows her struggles that intertwines with Victoria.

May contain
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content
  • waifus you want to protecc
  • Female leads
  • Space Opera
  • Strategy
  • War and Military
  • Multiple Lead Characters
Other details:
  • There are mainly three characters (Li, Victoria, and later Alexandra) with a number of side/minor characters. MCs will be written in first person, and non-MCs have limited third-person povs.
  • Has illustrations from various freelance artists I commissioned here and there, mainly done in anime style.
  • Word counts vary from 1000~6000 words, but I think my average is usually at 2~3,000 words. I think I usually release things every 3~6 days. Sometimes I might get lucky and do double releases.
Almost done with volume one at over 150k words... well, 60% done or so.

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Not only am I shameless enough to plug my stories (see signature), I’ll even include a few review quotes and reader comments for bombastic effect:

Quote:The author has created a beautifully crafted world that draws the reader in with beautiful poetic paragraphs. Selena's Reign: The Golden Gryphon has been written with such grace that it can't be ignored. —Jack0fHeart, author of Arc: Survival Online
…you are a great writer my friend, in a few years we will be seeing books of yours inside libraries. —ForgetfulAtheist
Very well done, sir. —Mickey Fester, author of Kingdom Come
Quote:This is an incredibly unique concept with the AI writing! Good job :) —Nameless32, author of Precipice of Power
Wow. Talk about an intense writing and editing process. It is very encouraging to witness the behind-the-scenes material and see just how much a labor of love this is. —Yuuenchi, author of Under the Red Umbrella