Re: MC is in a fantasy/dystopian setting, appears before a thug orphan as a wizard ghost to make him join mag (...)

The main character got isekai'd and become some sort of living amalgamation of mana (or something). At first he thought he was in some sort of fantasy world (since he saw some dudes fight a monster) but after he followed them to a dystopian steampunk-like city he realized it was a sort of blend. Somehow, he could use magic despite not having a physical form. After scouting out the city for a bit, he decides to (for some reason) appear before a member in a gang of young thugs, posing as a wizard ghost. He told the orphan that he needed him to enter a prestigious magic school (for some reason) and that he would help him achieve his dreams. 

Shortly after this the story is dropped, but I really liked what there was, so I want to find it again. Thanks for any help!