Re: Does this look like a phishing (or related) scam to y'all?

So, yesterday, I finally had my first story published here on Royal Road. No, this is not a plug. It is what came afterwards that led me to post. 

So I come home after work (aren't night-shifts fun!) to find the following

Re: Promote your book
From:  m****-k***

I just came across your book and I feel it's great.
I would love to feature you on my Instagram page, wherein I will also create a trailer for your book and share it with you.

For more details, check out my Instagram page, view_books_

Does this sound legit to you? I confess to having cold pricklies as opposed to warm fuzzies, upon reading it, as if  it's a scam.  I checked the link and it seems legit, but even so, I wanted to pass it on to the community-at-large for their input.

This person's join date and last activity are the same:
11/17/2020, 10:27:12 AM
11/17/2020, 10:27:12 AM

So, is it more likely that this is a bot? Has anyone else received similar messages in the past? Does these types of messages hit every "new" author here on RR? I can't be that special, right?

Re: Does this look like a phishing (or related) scam to y'all?

there is fishing, and there is aggressive advertising. I like neither, but the difference is that you get nothing from the fisher but something from people with aggressive advertisements.

The difference is if you get enough to feel this worth it. If the sender doesn't care of what you did and just wants statistics to improve his instragram, then you should stay away.
If youre interested, then watch the group and check the care with which the books are selected.

Getting thrown in with a lot of bad books, or books that are advertised to the wrong people WILL HURT your reputation and interest in your book.
But a valid offer can improve your spread and get more people to read it.

Re: Does this look like a phishing (or related) scam to y'all?

It doesn't really feel very legitimate. Honestly, it sort of feels like the hook for a scam more than a phishing attempt. Making a trailer and then sharing it seems like opening a gateway to maybe ask for some kind of compensation.

Overall, especially given the questionability of the account, you should probably just not respond to it. If someone likes your work enough to make a trailer, I don't think that would be the way they went about it. 

Re: Does this look like a phishing (or related) scam to y'all?

I wouldn't consider this a phishing scam but nothing about it makes me want to use their, book trailer service.

Rule of thumb in publishing whether traditional, self, or on a writing platform, don't trust private solicitations you have little reason receiving. They likely do not have your best interests at heart.

That being said, I've never seen this before. Yes I've seen book trailers before. They aren't exactly a thing that I pay a lot of attention to. Certainly, they could be a great marketing tool, if you are selling a novel. Not something for a web fiction writer. So a service that doesn't appear to know their market is either someone new who doesn't know better or someone who is trying to prey on unsuspecting writers. Either way, you want to avoid both of those.