Re: Novel no longer here??

Hey guys, is there a way you can find novels that have been removed from RR?

There was an isekai/ harem story here a year ago with a tonne of pages when I was a regular but it seems to have disappeared and I've forgotten the title. It shouldn't have been too hard to find it given how many pages it had...

Is there a way to access all removed novels or something?

Re: Novel no longer here??

You may be able to find it archived somewhere, but if it's deleted, you'll be unable to find it the normal way. The author may have decided to post somewhere else or is selling it on kindle. The worst case for you is the author decided to no longer share the work with the world. I recommend you google it if you remember the title. Unless it is something really generic, it'll likely appear. 

Either way, the author's account is likely still here. If you can remember the name, you can probably figure out their username and ask them directly.

Good luck!

Re: Novel no longer here??

Dang... Thanks guys. In that case hopefully someone might know the author of this title, if they can't remember the title itself:

Can anyone recall an Isekai / Portal harem where the main character starts off super below average with a shield and heal ability.

He gets ostracized by the majority of his classmates after they are portalled to another high fantasy-like world with orcs and dwarves etc.

He stumbles across belt which gives him incubus powers and ends up turning his teacher into a friend and the first member of his harem.

Also gets a demon fox.

I think it was poorly rated by people due to how ridiculously brutal the world/ and other characters are towards the MC. But I found it quite refreshing/compelling.

Ring any bells to anyone?