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Hello all,
I'm... Well, online I go by 'carebear90' or variants thereof, since basically forever. When I was a teenager, I thought it was a funny homophone of my real last name. At least if you try to pronounce it with an English accent. And later I just got used to it and it stuck, I guess? ^.^
I'm from Germany and although English is taught in schools pretty well here, especially from my generation onwards, I don't know many people who have the necessary skill to read English fiction for fun. Even as a personal favor. And the few that do, are sadly pretty busy with their own stuff at the moment.
So I am mainly here for feedback. Good or bad doesn't really matter, as long as it remains constructive.

To my great shame, I've been one of those silent lurking 'Guest Readers' on this site for years. I honestly don't quite remember for how long exactly. I finally made an account a little bit over a month ago, mainly because I lost track of all the different stories I followed and checking every single bookmark for updates manually, ... well... I guess everyone can imagine for themselves. 

I had recently scrapped one of my practice writing projects and shelved it in my 'try again later'-folder. I have to admit, I may do that a bit too often. But then, shortly after starting a new one, I got the notification about the new Writathon. I really didn't plan to upload anything of my new project until then. I always wanted to wait until I had something, I felt was 'good enough'. 
But since this contest is literally designed to keep people writing, I thought 'Hell, why not? What's the worst that could happen?'

So, here I am. 
Nice to make your aquaintance.

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Welcome to Royal Road. Don't know why, but lately a lot of lurking readers have begun writing their own fictions. I think it just goes to show how reading jumpstarts the imagination and people just need to share what they've come up with. Certainly no shame in being a lurking reader. Personally I appreciate every reader whether they're a member of Royal Road or not. Also, that a great attitude about writing. You'll never improve if you don't write and waiting until it's "good enough" is just an excuse to not write. I do the same thing. I hope you enjoy being on Royal Road and that you get the feedback you're looking for. Good luck.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome. :)

@parkertallan: I tried myself at writing since I was a teenager. I built world after world, character after character, but then I always ran into the tiny little problem that a story needs... well... an interesting plot? Maybe? At least I heard, that was a thing? 
At some point I just more or less gave up. I never stopped reading... a probably unhealthy amount of stories. ^^

I seriously started to try writing again... I think 3 years ago? And since pretty much everything I read for fun over the last decade or so was in English... 
Oh, and of course in the case, I actually wrote something I considered 'good enough', I assumed I'd reach more people with English than German. 

That I started to upload now, was really just due to the Writhaton. Who knows, when I would have felt confident enough otherwise... if ever. ;)

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Ariana Wrote: A fun fact: I might not be German, but I am currently living and working in Germany (Bayern). If I might ask, from which part of the Land of Beer and Sausages are you?

Thuringia / 'Thüringen', the part with potato dumplings, 'Rostbratwurst' and barbequing all year round. ^^ 
I honestly never really liked beer. Never developped the taste for it. I prefer wine or rum usually. I also prefer a good steak over sausage. At least when we talk about barbeque. 
I guess I'm not quite a 'proper' German in not living up to the cliché... ;)

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Ariana Wrote: Same here. I am resisting the germanification

Hey, I resisted for 30 years so far. You can do it!
It helps, when your parents are from different German subcultures and both try to prevent you from picking up the 'bad habits' of the other. ;)

But I guess that could be even easier in Bavaria? Some of the regional 'specialties' down south, I never even slightly understood the appeal of.