Re: Recommend me the Best Fanfiction you have read.

these are basically the only two fan fictions i've ever really read but dang were they great!

Delicious in Wilds
"All of the wilds combined cannot sit at a campfire and share stew from a communal cooking pot. And once you get the cooking pot, there's no reason not to cook every dish in Hyrule.
A novelisation and significant rewrite of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, inspired by Dungeon Meshi, with a focus on world-building, character development-driven plot, and a recipe for every chapter."

"She awakened to the taste of salt in her mouth and a painful crick in her neck, blinking the confusion from the corners of her eyes. Her face ached where it had pressed against the wooden bottom of what remained of the ship. Water buoyed the lower half of her body that hung limply over the side of the boat. She lifted her head up from the wood to touch her cheek. The warmth of her hand on her skin, as it had in so many dark caverns and damp crypts beneath the earth where the monsters lay hidden in shadow, reminded her that she still lived.
After waking the Wind Fish, Link awakens on the remains of her storm-broken ship with nothing but the spray of the sea and a certain seagull at her side. Now she must survive the open ocean and return home to Hyrule, while she remembers her adventures on Koholint and tries to understand what happened to her friend Marin.
A partial novelisation and epilogue to Link's Awakening."

Re: Recommend me the Best Fanfiction you have read.

I don't know what fandoms you prefer, so I'm just going to throw some random recs out there lol.

Counter Crisis by Dragoon_sama and Kooriicolada is one of my all-time favorites. It's a Final Fantasy VII time-travel AU that has Cloud going back to about a year before shit hits the fan. It's nearly reached 450,000 words so it's definitely a doozy, but I think it's well worth the read!

Reluctant Hero by PAW_07 is an Avatar: The Last Airbender AU where Zuko is the Avatar instead of Aang.

Little Zuko v the World by MuffinLance is another Avatar: The Last Airbender AU, but this time Zuko is the same age as Aang and twice as feral.

Sands of Time by tirsynni is a Legend of Zelda fic that has Link traveling back in time to before Ganondorf goes all crazy and evil and tries to fix things from there.

The Simplest Way Forward by harriet_vane is a Mó Dào Zǔ Shī/The Untamed modern AU where Wei Ying accidentally acquires a small child and decides to marry his friend for insurance benefits and a green card. This one's definitely not as high-stakes as the other ones here, but it's super cute!

I could probably list so many more, but I'm going to cut myself off here before it gets too out of hand.

Re: Recommend me the Best Fanfiction you have read.

A Young Woman's Political Record by jacobk is a Youjo Senki fanfic.

With the war over and her military career in shambles, Tanya von Degurechaff has to forge a new path for herself. Fortunately, she finds an opportunity to get involved in the political scene. A safe, easy job has never been closer at hand. What could possibly go wrong?

It's almost finished now. We're just waiting for the epilogue.