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I think this is something only more established authors can answer. I get a steady about of views from recently updated chapters, but occasionally a chunk of views will appear and I'll have no idea where they come from ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Highly rated reviews can give a boost i think, personally I sometimes look at the top reviews section when looking for something new to read

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I thought this would be interesting to share. 

These are screenshots from my general analytics here on royal road. It shows how/where people found me. Since I'm on trending at the moment, a lot of people have found me from there. I also get a lot of people whenever I update chapters.

It's amusing that more people have found my novel by the tags I don't have. For example, you can see the 10th most common way people have found me is by searching for novels without the tags "harem" "multiple leads" "virtual reality" "wuxia" and "xianxia". And then further below that 3 people have found me by looking for "litrpg" but removing "harem"

David Wrote: I think that people who advance search for recently published gamelit are more likely to follow, comment, and rate though. Anyone have any experiences either way?

Not sure who is more likely to actually leave reviews and ratings but I will mention I've only had 2 people find me via the "gamelit" tag whereas 13 people found me with the "litrpg" tag. (I counted with command F and added up all the various search combinations, some might not have been captured with the screenshot) So I guess more people are searching litrpg. Keep in mind this is only over the last 7 days, but I have noticed all these trends previously. 

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Expanding from above since I haven't hit trending yet: Most of my viewers seem to come from "home" and "latest updated". So clearly, most of my viewers are catching me when they see me update on the main home page.

So that's one piece of advice; Update once or twice a day. If you have a story published elsewhere and wish to migrate it here, only upload one or two chapters a day (preferably ~8ish hours apart so you hit different timezones). I made the mistake of dumping my first eight chapters immediately and I should have leaked it through to gather a bigger initial set of viewers, but I'm quite content with the slowly but rising fanbase.

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Here's my analytics:

Some interesting takeaways:

If you can make it high up in best rated, it definitely gives you some consistent traffic.

Popular people giving you shoutouts is good!

I make a habit of trying to give reputation to pretty much everyone who comments on my story. Apparently, I get a decent amount of traffic through some of those people's profiles. I don't really understand why but it seems to be true. I guess some folks like to check some popular users profiles and visit the comments that got them rep?
I'm not sure if these are true visits to the story, or just people checking out the comment.
Regardless, if the comment is about the story, it's still got a decent chance of making that person interested in the story.

Home and Latest Updates are consistent sources of traffic as well.