Re: Looking for a specific kind of story

So I was reading The Many Lives of Cadence Lee and discovered a new type of story that I really enjoyed.
The MC had a great impact on the technology of the time and she basically gave them very advanced technology for their time and we got to see the impact of that in the future a few thousand years after the MC died (we sadly didn't get to see the MCs reaction to it, because she doesn't know).

I'm looking for something where the MC has incredible impact on the development of technology/society of the world and then are somehow brought into the future where they can see the impact of their decisions and actions. 

It's something like Release that Witch but after that the MC is brought into the future to see his/her impact on the world down the line.

I'm not sure it's a genre but I'm just asking just in case it is.
Any recommendations related to the subject are appreciated.

Re: Looking for a specific kind of story

well, I can think of the Wandering Inn, which has strong elements of what you described:
It's kinda like a LitRPG (it has skills and levels, but no mana or stuff) where several young people from today's earth are brought into a more medieval world, and they have big impacts on the developments of technology. There's no time travel, but basically, the stuff they bring tends to be so groundbreaking that it changes the world straight away, and they have time to observe what good and bad that reaps. (It starts with only food, but later there's much more important stuff, I don't wanna spoiler too much)