Re: The Returnee Who Found His Way Back on the Royal Road!


Hey, everyone!

GD_Cruz here,

It's been a year since I've posted on Royal Road, but like those second chance lifers and returnee stories we sometimes gravitate toward, I have returned! XD And I'm looking forward to hanging out on RR once more. So... Hello again!

I wasn't really confident with my first story, but now I'm ready to share my next tale. It's called Level Up Hero! It's an urban fantasy story with elements inspired by the old heroes of Greek mythology.

In a nutshell, Level Up Hero is the tale of a failed ex-hero who finds himself pushed back into the hero's life when he rescues the woman of his dreams. And their chance encounter gives him the chance at redemption and the power to grow into the hero he was always meant to be. It's got tons of action, adventure, and a slow-burn romance too. XD Hope you guys give it a read.