Re: Posting as an Anthology and also Individual Story Sets?

Hello there, you talented, good-looking people. A question regarding the rules:

I have a story that just recently wrapped up, along with several short-stories that are stand alone. As a new author to RR, I'm worried that since these will never again 'update', they wont ever get any traffic and are doomed to sit at the bottom of the abyss, never to be picked up or enjoyed.

With that worry in mind, is it against the rules to have both a stand alone posting of a story, as well as that same story contained within an "Anthology" that updates with new things? For example, if you have a 20 chapter story that's finished (with a title and cover and chapters and what not), can you also include those chapters in a big ole' "This is everything I've ever posted to RR" so that it can continue to 'update'? That way the anthology can bring new readers to finished tales even though that fiction is long finished.

Thanks so much for any insight you can offer. 

Re: Posting as an Anthology and also Individual Story Sets?

Dunno. I like to plan ahead enough material so that I can post a reasonably book sized, eh, book. Ideally, I title the book to reflect the content, such as "short stories, or the stories title.  If I add auxiliary materials to a main title, they have to do with the titled story of the volume. This is to make clear to the readers what I am writing/posting. Never actually gave any thought to gaming the billboard lists, or what might extend my free advertising. If I personally didn't have enough materials for an anthology of some sort, I'd likely just write more. So, your on your own here.