Re: New on the scene and looking for feedback

Hey there!

Im a little new to the Royal road scene but I have heard good things about getting feedback. 

I have been developing a brand new TTRPG game with unique mechanics. My goal is to pair these mechanics with an equally unique an interesting setting and lore. 

I have tons of material available with varying degrees of depth in regards to lore. From hard quantum physics to deep mythological lore. 

The only thing I am missing are people that are willing to dive deep to give me feed back. While I have had several professional editors look over the details and do reality checks on the science, I really need realistic input on it. While i have had a few people look over my materials, none of them have been the "dive deep" type. Which is perfectly fine, not everyone needs to do a deep study to appreciate the game. However, I would really like to provide a depth for those that do. So, long story shot, I am look for those that might want to dive deep and give feed for a lore rich world. How could I expand? What is missing? What is too much?

Whad'ya say? Any interest out there for an extra dimensional, physics bending, magical myth melding deep dive?

Re: New on the scene and looking for feedback

You get what you pay for. RR is free, so if you're going pro, I'd look elsewhere.

That was the summary, if you want my personal analysis of the state of things then continue at your own risk.

I've been a long time lurker/reader on this site and from what I can see, most of the "pros" here have their own projects to work on (so good luck getting one to help you, maybe if you pay them?) As such, the people that will/can help you, are either; the aspiring writers that suffer from many of the same problems that the "pros" do, or the lurker/readers (like me) who even if interested, would not be of any more help to you than your own personal aquantinces—maybe less, as they have no personal connection to you.

Another thing to take into account is the quality of readers/writers here. The overwhelming majority are simply, not... the best. And this is without looking at how willing they are to participate, and the timeframe at which your thread will be visible to those people (as it will soon be cluttered out by more recent posts).

Not all hope is lost though, for among the denizens of RR there exist a small few who Excell in both quality and willingness to interact with other writers, I suggest you try to contact them directly (PM's) instead of posting a general thread that will soon leave the advertising hotspot that is the 'most recent thread' zone. I won't and can't (I only know the profiles I see) tell you names, because I wish to stay anonymous. But I can tell you to search the old threads and wish you luck on your quest, so good luck. :)