Re: For fellow authors looking to publish/are published this review swap is for you

I don't really expect a lot of traction for this thread but here goes, 

I am confident enough in my writing ability that it is middling. Not above, not just starting but middling. I'd like to take the next step forward and am looking for fellow writers that are seasoned or have already published their work to critique my story. My review will have high enough stars so it will not make your story tank, but my critique will be highly objective from a technical standpoint and most likely will thrash your work! So I will give you high ratings but a critical overview of your story. A win/win for all! E.g. If your hook does not pull me in I will make it known, if your plot is meandering with no seeming direction, if your dialogue is stilted, humor off putting with the events, etc. Hopefully this will reach some people. 

I look forward to reading your stories. 

Re: For fellow authors looking to publish/are published this review swap is for you

Hi. This sounds good! I have a military sci-fi for review swap if it's your cup of tea. Here's the link:

And the synopsis:

In an alternate timeline, a military officer and the self-proclaimed ‘last woman on Earth’ embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind a world without women.
Alexei Vronsky is having a hard time coping with reality after his comrade was killed in battle and his army stuck in a prolonged siege, but that’s the least of his problems. He finds an intruder in his room, who claims to be ‘the last woman on Earth’. She doesn’t seem to have the slightest clue about the world, the ongoing war, and keeps referring to Russia as ‘the land above the snow’. As they get to know each other, Alexei Vronsky has to face a difficult choice: either abandon his secret mission to join the woman on an adventure to face the unknown, or turn her in to fulfill his loyalty towards the State.

Send me a PM if you're keen!