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Lit-RPG Warhammer Fantasy fiction. I tried to write it in an escalating kind of power level, the sort of "Woo, I am OP!" "Ohh, shit I am not actually OP!" "Ok, now I actually am OP. Yay" 

Though, just to warn you here as I warned people multiple times leading up to it, there is an arc with the Druchii; Chapter 25 to 40. I wanted to narratively give weight to the culture I was writing in and not just have it as a background. That seemed to upset people, I'm guessing the kind of people that don't read author notes or Warhammer at all?

Re: Looking for recommendations (self promote if you want)

Hi Orakaine!

I hope you find the kinds of stories you're looking for. My story is a short one but as you've mentioned you like psychological struggles I thought I'd recommend it anyway. Feel free to check it out 🥰.

You can connect over coffee. Connect through pain. Connect with someone's smile or with their tears.

It can be that simple.

But sometimes it's not.

Re: Looking for recommendations (self promote if you want)

Hi! I humbly invite you to read my original fantasy fiction based on Indian mythology. 

Short summary: 
The golden prince, Suryadev, the image of perfection, kindness, and courage. But a darkness was lurking in his dreams, eroding his soul. And, his destiny was not hidden from his Guru, who saw "a fate unseen by the Gods, a path converged by the paths of the past, present, and future."

Princes, Spells, Gods, Spirits, Heaven, Mythical creatures, Wars, and Reincarnation, and so much more. Character arcs is my primary goal of the story.
It checks all the boxes that you have there. Till now, I have 17 chapters and 20K words. 


If sounds interesting to you, please check. Thank you!!

Re: Looking for recommendations (self promote if you want)

I believe my story would suit you:)
Negative side - (more or less) weekly releases, currently 18k wordcount

This is a story about a young adult, Darius, his ambition to secure an above average job, to make himself useful and his parents proud.

This is a story about humanity, animals and plants, and their interaction with the bringer of „magic“, Program.

This is a story about the admins of Program and their daily struggles with solving Program errors, caused by the users of Program (humanity included) and the other, more chaotic admins.

(not a LitRPG)

Re: Looking for recommendations (self promote if you want)

Pretty disappointed that so many (but not all) posts in the thread are just shameless self-plugs, with fictions that aren't close to what you asked for. IK the title says "self-promote if u want", but OP is specifically asking for long stories, why share your 3-chapter-one lol.

Here's a couple I think you might like:
A very popular story here on royalroad, akin to the ones you mentioned in many ways. Long, detailed progression. Lots of action. "OP protagonist", though he (kinda) earns it. Daily chapters!
Possibly one of the longest fictions of royalroad. Very strong character development, and slow (but steady) power and plot progression. Some people complained about the pacing though. 
Main character is a snake, trying to survive and thrive. This is a bit different from the others, slower-paced and with more introspection, but has a lot of comedic value, and also the long/detailed progression. Book III coming soon; this one is a personal fav. of mine.

Re: Looking for recommendations (self promote if you want)

> Strong character development. - I think I have that
> Compelling side characters. - That too
> Reasonable power scales. - I don't know what this means
> Psychological struggles. - Yeah got that
> Strong world building. - And that
> Long running stories. - Definitely got that, currently on chapter 10 of 31, all written, updated every day/ every other
> Overarching stories. - I think so

Link is in my sig, had a great response so far and I'm just getting to the good bits, I really struggle with the idea of self promoting, and I wouldn't be doing so if others hadn't been complimentary. I'd love to get as much feedback as possible to improve