Re: Where Can I ask for PreReaders?

Thanks for replying Zogarth, and I don't bite 

Ahh, well, first of all I would need to have a reader base to draw upon. I have 5 stories that are either one-shots or 2-3 chapters in length that I want to post here, but they last saw attention on FictionPress between 7 and 9 years ago. Would it be best to post them "as-is" and then see if just their presence is enough to reel in Pretenders? 

For potential Pre-Readers's consideration, the stories in question are:

1)Under the Red Umbrella [one-shot/completed; possibility of being revised and broken up into chapters- as is the story is a single "chapter"

2) Yuuenchi no Koi [another one-shot/completed] that I know needs to be broken up into smaller chapters 

3) 1000 Cranes for Love [completed, 5 chapter story]

4) Chocolate Confessions [2 chapters for immediate publishing, of a projected 24 total chapters]*

5) Flight of the Kestryl [2 chapters for immediate publishing,  of a projected 49 to 61]*

6) The Spellbinder Wars [1 chapter ready for pre-reading of a projected 10 chapters]*

*where the "chapter " is conceived as an episode of an anime series or volume of manga.

Re: Where Can I ask for PreReaders?


Danny Wrote: Hi Yuuenchi.  I'm willing to swap PreReads.  As of now, I produce about a chapter a week at 3000-4000 words.  This trade wouldn't cover all your works, but an equal exchange might help.  Let me know :)

Sounds good to me. Though I'd probably do some pre-reads first before offering up a sacrificial lamb ;p  Though I am finally taking a plunge and outlining an isekai story myself. It'll take a couple months before I know if it's doable though. To be honest though, I'm in the last three weeks of my current semester with a paper due on the last day, so I wouldn't be available for hardcore pre-reads until after December 7.