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I was wondering if anyone knows if there are some more Litrpg continuous reincarnation books on this site or other sites.
By continuous reincarnation, I mean books that have the mc die and then come back to life either in the same or a different world.
While I am also interested in books like In Loki's Honor, I mean books more like The Many Lives of Cadence Lee and The Perks of Immortality.
Sorry, but I don't know how to link the URLs of these books.

Re: Litrpg continuous reincarnation

Thanks!, I am interested in time reverse ones as well.
I have searched with the reincarnation tag, but I can only find the type of story where the mc is reincarnated once and never again.

Btw, the link tries to send you to a version of the book that you can edit, so it just goes to an access denied page. (I can just look it up though)

Edit: I just realized that I already read that up to chapter 9, I just now read chapter 10. I guess I just forgot to follow the book like I normally do.

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List of continuous reincarnation/time loop litrpg books that I have read or have started to read:
1. In Loki's Honor(Ongoing)
2. The Many Lives of Cadence Lee(Ongoing)
3. The Perks of Immortality(Dropped, 37 chapters, 1 update)
4. Blessed Time(Ongoing)
5. Apocalypse War: Survive. Die & Restart(Ongoing)
6. The Ascendant: Endless Reincarnation(Dropped, 17 chapters)

I'm Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again!(Hiatus, 561 chapters)(Im reading this one now, but I don't know if it is a continuous r4eincarnation/time loop litrpg yet)

I have probably read others, but I don't remember them.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Re: Litrpg continuous reincarnation

I'm not sure if there is still a demand or if it has been sated by now. ^^
My story is continuous Reincarnation. I'm only at the end of the first new life at the moment though. 2nd. new life will only start in the new year. Chapters are between 3000 and 5000 words and I upload every Friday.
It also isn't a 'hard' litRPG if this is important. There are light elements of it, though.

Original MC experiences the end of their world and gets picked up by a god as a kind of 'trophy pet' to bring with them into a new world.
First life takes place in a magical equivalent to the carboniferous era. Nonhuman... since, well... there aren't any mammals or even dinosaurs yet. ^^ 

It's pretty character-driven, though. If you're looking for fast-paced action, then it probably isn't the story for you. It also isn't supposed to be an 'indefinitely powering up' kind of story. 

Re: Litrpg continuous reincarnation

1. Endless cage (Dropped) by JavilyNA -- Time looping LitRPG
2. Mother of Learning by nobodly103 -- Time loop; not LitRPG
3. RE: Monarch by Eligos -- Time loop; not LitRPG
4. The Menocht Loop by caerulex -- Time loop in part; not LitRPG
5. Three Lifetimes [completed] by kerbasi -- story consists of three consecutive lifetimes by a pair of souls

Additionally, there are a number of stories which address a single lifetime where the protagonist has memories of several prior lives, but as the story is only a single lifetime, I have left these out.

Finally, in the extreme sense, nearly all of Andur's works on Royal Road consist of the same reincarnated souls acting out different stories, though they are not LitRPG.

Updated 3/28/2021
Adding a plug for my own work, Candlelit Lives.  A young woman aspiring to become a [Mage] acquires the [Reincarnator] Trait mysteriously.  Then she dies.