Re: What's something positive that has happened to you?

So, the forums have been kinda crazy lately. Lots of people arguing, lots of people upset. 

That being said, let's focus on some positives too. What's something that has happened to you that's been good? Could be an accomplishment, or could just be something you are happy happened. (If it's an accomplishment, I urge you to post it in the celebration sub-forum too  peolove ) Let's spread some happy thoughts in general, even if it's just how happy you are that you joined the site!

I can start. 

I have officially finished the first half of my semester, and am about to close out book one of my series and begin my rewrite. I have also grown my discord and created a community that I love dearly, and am so happy I found this site as a whole. It's helped me grow as a writer in ways I never would have guessed.

Your turn!

Re: What's something positive that has happened to you?


UYScuti Wrote: My kid wrote a flash fiction Halloween story for a contest in his school. I just finished reviewing it for him. It's his first writing contest.

Congratulations! I remember my first writing contest. best of luck to him!

staggen_mx Wrote: Outside of writing, I made a somewhat successful company inside a game. Inside writing, I think I may have improved?  What I can say without a doubt though is that I have improved on my "showing" skill, but it's still not perfect.

That is amazing news! Improvement is always good, and what game? 

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Nameless32 Wrote: I'm happy because I'm hydrated

Need some more water? :)

staggen_mx Wrote:
soundsofhysteria Wrote: what game?

It's somewhat a kid's game called Growtopia. I learned how to profit both in games and in real life and how the economy works thanks to this game. I ran what was formerly the #1 service provider within that game until I broke my collab with a former partner.

That's pretty awesome! I've never heard of the game but it sounds cool after looking it up.

Pauliuk Wrote: People I did reviews for all praised me for being detailed and positive. I was even told by a few people that my review made them want to keep writing. I love to make people smile like that.

For me, I'm a week ahead in my writing and in a little over two weeks, I'll start Part 2 of my story. I'm excited!!

Beautiful! A good reviewer is such a treat. Keep on going the way you are, and I know people will continue to appreciate all you do. Also, congratulations on nearly finishing part one. I am in the same boat with my own story :) 

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I Wrote: Poured boiling water on the back of my palm. Lucky it missed my fingers though, so that's a plus...

Oh! Good things! Well, came up with an idea for a chapter that was going nowhere while I was in the bath. So does that count???

That definitely counts! I always come up with my ideas when I'm driving... which is unfortunate, I can't write them down without dying :/

Sorry about your palm, though!  peopanic