Re: Action figures are art!

So, if you've read my book you know that the main character is supposed to be basically ME.  And in the book, our hero builds all sorts of robot bodies and such so it would be weird if the real life me didn't do the same (to an extent).

So I made an action figure of my MC, Prime.  Some info bits:
  • Designed in Fusion 360
  • 3D printed in PLA and PETG on an Ender 3 Pro
  • 1:6 scale so stands 4.5"/11.75cm tall
  • 88 parts
  • 30 points of articulation
  • swappable hands (open, fist, grabbing, gun-mode, sword-mode)
  • 13 ports for 3mm disc magnets (for future add-on armor sets)
  • I have no idea total print time due to reprints... but likely around 45 hours
  • No paint! :D
  • "Glowing eyes" effect done with a translucent material with holes in the back for white material go in.

Re: Action figures are art!


Rilmani Wrote: It looks terrific! Please share any more you make in the future.

at present, I'm printing out the parts for this figure at a larger size.  Should end up around 7.5" tall vs 4.5".  This will be a "hero" figure for an idea I have for a new book cover ^__^

The figure already has ports in the design for magnet attachment points where add-on armor will go but I'd really like to do some of the other characters from the book as well.  Also, the character's Pretender Shells... The hard part will be keeping this figure as small as possible so I don't end up having to have a Pretender shell that's HUGE.  We'll see... lol

Re: Action figures are art!

Printed and assembled an "Oversized" copy of the Prime action figure kit.  This one is 163% larger.  The reason being that the original size was designed to use 1.75mm filament as pins in the assembly.  The Printer filament for my older printer is 2.85mm and I've got all the required colors so that's the scale up needed to use that sized filament as pins.

I have to say though, that printing it at this scale has been great for being able to see exactly how I need to modify or improve on the parts and design; what tweaks need to be made, etc.  I'm also thinking that this larger size will be perfect for photographing in settings to depict scenes from the book.  At least so far as Prime is the only character in the shot.  I did order on Etsy, a needle felted sculpture of Sparky that should scale with this big one and I have a shot in mind that will be great for a new book cover ^__^