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Hey guys, this is my first post and I'm not sure if this is the right spot for it, but I was wondering if you guys would be willing to give me a quick lookover a potential LitRPG system I plan on using for a story. Any and all advice will be helpful.

This may be a little long, but here are the basics:

Stats: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Vitality, Intelligence, Wisdom, Spirit and Luck.

Sub-Stats: Endurance, Body, Finesse, Agility, Resilience, Fitness, Vigor, Recovery, Reason, Knowledge, Intuition, Willpower, Presence and Sense.

Accolades: Powerful passive bonuses, hard to obtain.

Decorations: Lesser passive bonuses, more standard to obtain.

Skills: Give points to spend towards Grids.

Levels: Standard stuff here.

Vocation: Class equivalent. Can change at lvl 25 and every 5 levels after, bringing level back to 1, but XP growth stays constant. Stats stay as well. Max level for a Vocation is 100 (might be 50).

Grids: Standard put points in, get stats and such. Similar to the Legend of Randidly Ghosthounds Paths. Similar grids can combine to form Frameworks, giving additional bonuses.

Focus: At level 5 and every 5 levels after choose a focus in your Vocation, pretty much a subclass than can be chosen multiple times for more benefits for those levels.

If you guys have any questions about anything I can also go more in-depth towards any specific topic. Thank you guys in advance.

Re: Some help with a LitRPG system for an upcoming story.

In regards to Constitution and Vitality, the answer is yes, as constitution represents your physical hardiness more whereas Vitality is your ability to recover. So certain characters who care more about protecting themselves put more points into constitution so they can withstand more harm, while Vitality will simply increase the rate you heal and recover, form wounds and poisons, etc.

Wisdom and Spirit are somewhat related as well, with wisdom knowing one self and physical world, while Spirit helps you understand the meta-physical and magical. So Wisdom is better for those that want to affect themselves, such as monks and such. While Spirit is better for mages and the like that wish to understand and influence the forces not seen.

Yes, each stat has two substats.

They are leveled independently in that you mainly gain points in substats rather than the main stats, as it provides a bonus to both categories thus being harder to obtain points for. Certain substats also provides small bonuses to one another.

Re: Some help with a LitRPG system for an upcoming story.

Er, sorry - to clarify, the question is less about what the stats do, and more about whether it is meaningful to distinguish between them, from a literary perspective.  If you don't intend to have any characters who, for instance, can be easily killed with a powerful-enough blow, but anything less than that they quickly recover from (how quickly?  A minute?  An hour?  A day?) - or, alternatively, any characters who have immense reserves of health that can be whittled down with 1-damage attacks over a week's time - does it make sense to distinguish between the two?

Remember that every stat is something you, and your readers, have to keep track of, so it will serve you in the long run to try to keep to a small list as much as possible.

For Wisdom and Spirit - would anybody have both?  (If Spirit gives mana reserves, and Wisdom gives chi/qi reserves, could these be combined, or would that cause issues in developing a character that does utilize both?)

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Ah ok I gotcha. I decided to separate them due to exactly what your example showcases. Some people build up Constitution and its substats in order to tank attacks head on and disregard the effects. Taking the standard Tank Role in most cases, but also allowing themselves to become living wrecking balls potentially.

Vitality helps in a similar but different way such as a skirmisher that can dodge better but might take smaller wounds to recover from, or a berserker that wants to take damage but recover in the meantime, keeping a bloodied state. It also assists any that use or defend against diseases/poisons, so assassins and such.

In regards to Wisdom and Spirit, yes characters can build both, and they may allow you to change/overlap those abilities. However, they do not directly give you mana or chi, they simply assist in regards to understanding those forces. With understanding comes power as it were, so having a high amount of both stats may give you insight into powers or abilities that you thought were only influenced by one or the other.

I see what you mean by distinguishing more, or making the list of stats more contained and overlapping. As it could be difficult to differentiate without direct description of the effects they have being showcased often.

Re: Some help with a LitRPG system for an upcoming story.

Fair enough!

I'm not sure how much help I can offer here.  My main advice is generally going to be "Simplify".  If you happen to play Magic the Gathering, think about it like building a deck - every mechanic you add should compliment what you have, or you're just diluting what the deck (or story, in this case) is actually good at.  I also tend to approach these systems, that when you have statistics - things everybody has - everybody should get some use out of them.

So this is pretty far outside the way I tend to approach things, and I don't think I can offer much.

Re: Some help with a LitRPG system for an upcoming story.

Hey no problem and thank you for the advice. As I said, any and all advice is helpful in this stage.

I've actually taken some of your advice already and have defined things and separated the stats on a much stronger basis so its not as easy to confuse them all, but as you said, everyone can gain usage out of any stat, some are just better for others and such.

Also the Magic the Gathering example is a great choice of analogy, I personally think of this system as how I make a Commander deck, has overall synergy but has many potential routes to victory so I'm not stumped by a random counter deck.