Re: Has anyone ever heard of Sharestory and Jason from that company?

Hi, so I recently made an account in RoyalRoad, and after publishing my first two chapters—I'm approached by this person named Jason, offering to distribute my novel non-exclusively. I've been approached by various cons and scammers in Wattpad and other places like Instagram for my works, so when I see a message like this, my suspicions start tingling. Mind you, I've taken the time to look up this company, and all I see is an Australian company that provides assistance to other companies or brands by helping distribute and promoting their product. There was nothing about writers, authors, or anything remotely similar to an actual publishing/printing/press house. I'd like to put this to rest because it makes me so uncomfortable, that even in RoyalRoad I have to face such disrespect and scammers. That by no means, that royalroad is a bad company whatsoever. I'm new and I'm still learning about RoyalRoad, so I don't have a good or bad opinion about it. I hope I enjoy my time here as many have. If you have any information about this company or this "Jason" character, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread. Thank you again.

Hello JosefinaFAAD-Jojo,

I am Jason from Sharestory. I've read your initial chapters and I like your story a lot. In my opinion, your novel is deserved to be distributed widely. Thus, I would like to invite you to license your works non-exclusively to our company.

You may keep your novel on hosted on your existing platforms but at the same time, we can also help you tap on millions of readers and monetize them better across several different distribution channels, such as Webnovel, Noveltoon and Tapas, to reach millions of readers. We are also working to connect to more distribution channels and create long-term value for our authors.

Please feel free to reach out to me with regards to this, we want to understand your needs first and foremost as an author to help you reach the target readers you want to hit.

If you want to reach out personally, You can contact me at: 

Re: Has anyone ever heard of Sharestory and Jason from that company?

Huh, this is interesting.

Is this the start of the web fiction distribution middle-men? A little context.

Aside from the marketing company, I cannot find another company by that name. I doubt it's them because it makes very little sense.

I don't know if this is another start up sort of thing where, they are gathering writers for some future project that may or may not be real or successful. However, they are teetering on scam.

I mean they are leaning so far into it, they are a sheet of paper width from touching it. I just don't have solid proof. It's mostly the whole, unsolicited message to someone who's not been here a month that screams this isn't legit. Why approach someone with a single follower for something like this? I would imagine a writer with a larger following would be better.

Personally, I would report said user.

Re: Has anyone ever heard of Sharestory and Jason from that company?

In the publishing world, legit publishers don't usually reach out to authors. They're overwhelmed with submissions already. You should treat any unsolicited queries with distrust unless there's some reason not to.

Also, I don't use webnovel, but can't authors just post to it directly? Why would an author need a middleman for that? What exactly is this company's business model?

Re: Has anyone ever heard of Sharestory and Jason from that company?

Speaking about the publishing industry in general, there is a 0% chance any legitimate person or company will contact you like this, ever.

Anyone doing publishing directly won't contact writers. It just doesn't happen anymore.

An agent COULD be interested in your work, but they are super easy to spot. You should be able to look up anyone requesting to work with you and be able to see their agency, clients, and books they've sold to publishing houses. 

99% of what you see are scams. Vanity publishers or worse who want you to pay to have your novel distributed. If you are required to give ANYTHING its a scam. That's not how it works.