Re: Setting Up previous Fiction Dashboard


Overlord Wrote: Sadly, the info is not aggregated. Previously I could see both ratings, subs, favs and comment count for all fictions on one screen and at a glance. Now I have to dig for it, which feels really bad and is straight up worse.

Agree 100%. The new dashboard is just chock full of completely irrelevant information instead of what I actually want to see. I have five fictions up and have to click each of them separately just to see if there have been new followers or ratings. Six clicks for what I could previously see instantly with a single click, that's a pretty massive downgrade in terms of web design. Meanwhile, things like total chapters, total word count, how many reviews in total, highest ranking and so on, I personally do nothing with this trivia, yet it takes up the most important part of the screen. Yikes.