Re: Review Swap: one chapter or 7k words

UPDATE 2: This thread is now inactive, since apparently,it's against the rules to reviewswap before the 10k word mark. I will open another thread.

UPDATE 1: My two slots are filled for now, I'll update here again when my slots are back open.

I recently started publishing my newest story: Mundus Subcavus or: "Caves are a geomancer's dream, but how do we get back out?"
It's a fantasy story inspired by Jules Verne's Journey to the centre of the world. I want some reviews on either the first chapter, focussed solely on what it sets up to promise or on the first three chapters, around 7k words.
I'd be willing to return goodness with good, but I cannot do more than 2 reviews of 7k words at the moment.
In terms of genre I am pretty open except for LitRPG or Isekai.
If you are interested, please post whether you want a review of ~7k words or of the first chapter.