Re: Story art!

Just posting art related to my story Shade Touched. I recently got some more done so I figured this was the time!

Here's the cover!

Here's a new piece I had done. I will say this is non-cannon per the current story.

Emoji's I had done for my discord server (I ended up cropping them some, but these are the full ones):
Shade Touched - The story of a curious monster trying to figure out the world.

Re: Story art!

Hey ,your arts look amazing! It would be so nice to blow it up on canvas. Personally, I would like to have as lovely art in my apartment. For example, one my friend ordered some posters to design the hotel. There are kind of motivational posters, and they look so good . Her hotel has become my favorite place to draw inspiration from. If you're interested, here's where she ordered canvas pictures Posters are of high quality , and affordable prices. By the way, you can choose the material to print the image on. My friend has them hanging on the walls of the hotel for more than a year, and they perfectly match their colors. This kind of art attracts a certain circle of people who appreciate real aesthetics.