Re: So, I am new here and had a quick question

Your "friend", eh? 

If your friend has a user account, you can just go up to the button near the top that is labeled "Write."  That takes you to the author dashboard, where there is a new story option.  Just fill out the form, copy in the story, and submit it. 

A new story has to be approved by the site operators (formality, just to make sure no shenanigans or abuse actually make it on the site).  Depending on when it is submited and what their schedule is like, it could be approved and public in as little as a few hours.  I think the maximum is 48 hours.

From there, the author dashboard will have options including submitting more chapters and some analytics and overview tools to help manage the story.

Let us know when your "friend" gets their story up!

Re: So, I am new here and had a quick question

Well I'm introverted and simply bought an ad, which I highly recommend to get you started if you have a stockpile of chapters to release daily for a limited timeframe (for me I went with 10days). Be warned though, even if it's the best story ever written or even the worst, there's going to be a lot of mixed reviews. My story dropped to as low as 2.08 stars before climbing back up, yet still managed to gain more than 100 followers in the first week. 

On a side note though, most comments in the first 10-15 chapters will be negative with trolls falling away after that, leaving you only with genuine readers. Hence why I locked comments on my first 15 chapters after I got annoyed, deleting all the hate comments I only left the constructive and positive ones.

I hope this helps!

Tl;dr buy an ad space and make sure to add "read on Royal Road as it's mixed in with other ads"